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  • Can English Language Learners Acquire Academic English?

    CCCC Committee on Second Language Writing. “CCCC Statement on Second Language Writing and Writers.” College Composition and Communication. 52.4 (2001): 669-674. Print. In response to the increase diversity of the student population and the increase of second-language students in writing programs, CCCC urges writing programs and teachers to recognize the increasing presence of these students and “to understand their characteristics, and to develop instructional and administrative practices that are sensitive to their linguistic and cultural needs” (1). The statement urges for additional research regarding the issues involved with second-language writing ranging from all aspects of writing theory to writing assessment. Additionally,…

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  • Writing Skills Reflection

    I am writing you a letter to tell about my theory of writing and how I believe it has impacted my writing skills throughout my college education. Before I was enrolled in your English class, an Introduction to Writing Studies, I was unsure of my ability as a writer. I mentioned throughout my childhood I did not have a stable home environment, my family was forced to move, numerous times due to financial reasons. During these years I constantly changed school systems, the curriculum varied…

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  • Freshman Composition Class Reflection

    The English language is my secondary language. For that reason, I have had to try harder not only during the course of my Freshman Composition class, but in general during the most of my academic career. In other words, I have had to put more time and effort than typical in order to catch up, but I should say I have always loved it. That being said, I believe that, so far, I have done a pretty good job, obviously not in writing perfect and err less papers, but in setting foot in the right path…

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  • Freshman Composition Essay

    Freshman Composition I’s course objective was designed to help students “focus on developing and expressing ideas clearly and effectively to communicate with various audiences for various purposes and occasions, through written, oral, aural, and visual venues by means of individual and team projects.” Throughout this course my classmates and I reviewed principles of the writing process, including: planning, logical organizational, development strategies, revision, and editing, we were also…

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  • Comic Book Realism: A Summary And Analysis

    My dissertation, entitled “Comic Book Realism: Sincerity, Ethics, and the Superhero in Contemporary American Literature,” has developed out of questions I began asking at Christ College, beginning with “Word and Image,” when Professor David Morgan introduced me to the study of comics in Fall 2007. The relationship between word and image is at the heart of my dissertation, in which I examine the emerging genre of what I am calling “comic book realism,” novels which draw on, reference, and…

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  • Reflective Essay On The English Class

    Before I enrolled into your English class, I took English 307 in the fall semester of 2014. Also, I had taken another English 100 course with a different instructor. For many reasons, I immediately dropped that class in the first week of the semester. I don’t remember the instructor’s name, but right away, I knew his class wasn’t for me. His technique of teaching didn’t fit with my learning style, and his assignments were getting too repetitive. I wasn’t learning anything that would be helpful…

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  • Reflective Essay On My Portfolio

    Introduction a) In my portfolio it has documents that throughout the semester that I have worked on. It includes my annotated bibliography, a research paper, a non-academic form, and an introduction paper. I enjoyed writing these varieties of papers because I believe that it expanded my knowledge. I liked how not every paper had to be a formal paper and some of them were more laid back than others. In most classes while writing a paper making sure everything is formal and you have enough words…

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  • Freshman Reflection

    Freshman Composition has resulted in many sleepless nights and has been by far the most difficult class I have ever taken. The class is designed to get a student ready for college life and realize that everything is at a much faster pace with assignments being assigned daily. Throughout this portfolio it should be clear that in the beginning of the semester I had struggled in my writing and have progressively become better as a writer. Personally, the biggest accomplishment for me was to not…

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  • Standard Freshman Composition Course Analysis

    I teach "Introduction to Literature" and "Standard Freshman Composition" courses at Suffolk County Community College. I personally design both of my courses, which adhere to the mission statement of the college. In "Introduction to Literature," my students engage in imaginative works of literature, analyze major literary themes and forms, continue training in effective prose writing skills, and demonstrate maturity and thought and style when deconstructing literary elements such as image, plot,…

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  • Knausgaard Analysis

    During the semester, I spend my time to read the two articles; The authors, Knausgaard and Rankine, wrote their article and covered their topics. Knausgaard 's article name The Other Side of the Face. He is a Norwegian author and wrote the Paris Review article. Rankine 's article name Citizen: An America Lyric. She is from is an author of poetry and live in Jamaica. Anyways, I learned from the Youth Leadership Camp to apply to two articles. Both of those articles is about how the society…

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