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  • Composting Research Paper

    Many gardeners may not be aware that common items from around the house can start off a healthy, nutritious garden. Composting is one of the ways to retain a well-maintained garden while avoiding chemical fertilizers. Using compost in your garden has been known to be beneficial in building a sustained garden due to its spectrum of essential plant nutrients. Using compost as a organic fertilizer is an important factor in maintaining a healthy garden because it is cost effective, convenient, saves resources, while helping improve plant development. Though compost provides the necessary nutrients for plants, some are concerned about the cost of composting. According to the “Green Action Centre,” compost is very cost effective and helps…

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  • Advantages And Benefits Of Vermicomposting

    smaller bin to keep the worms in, the bin must have ¼ of an inch sized holes, evenly spaced on one of the bins, for ventilation. place the smaller bin in the larger bin, elevated so the worm casting can be collected; And so the worms may crawl through. It may be smart to place a damp piece of cardboard at the bottom of the small bin, it decomposes rather quickly, and worms love to eat it.The worms will need to eat actual food, that’s where you come in to spare scraps of food that you couldn 't…

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  • Submissive Self-Destruction

    With numbers like this we don’t have the luxury of continuing on this path of submissive self-destruction, something has to change, the materials we use for packaging has to change. One way to accomplish this seemingly unattainable goal is by using bio-packaging, packaging that is derived from plant based polymers that are both renewable and compostable (Johansson, et al., 2012). In the United States the leading method of packaging waste disposal is landfill, followed by, a not so close second,…

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  • Im2 Unit 2 Assignment

    Assignment IEM2 - Barrier to innovation OR Individual vs group creativity OR use a SCAMPER technique to create solution to a problem - and test it Scamper technique to create solution to problem One of the most important aspects of home composting is composting food scraps. Food scrap items such as meal leftovers, vegetables and fruit waste, tea bags, stale bread and grains and everyday general refrigerator spoilage are an everyday occurrence in most households. In my experiment, I would be…

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  • Student Center Case Study

    Mid Term Goal (6 months) 5.Expand front of house composting in Student Center East- Long Term Goal Responsible Parties- Director of Campus Auxiliary Services- help prepare new composting bins Office of Sustainability- Help organizes the event and recruit volunteers. May help with compost signage Director of Facilities Management- Develop adequate procedures for handling influx of compost streams The Delta Institute – The Field Museum recruited intern/volunteers/workers from the Delta…

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  • What Types Of Things Could You Do To Limit Your Waste Stream Analysis

    your waste stream? List ten. "If it can’t be reduced, reused, repaired, rebuilt, refurbished, refinished, resold, recycled or composted, then it should be restricted, redesigned or removed from production." (Pete Seeger) This quote is right to the point of if products should be made or not. Recycling is a huge problem in the world today there are so many problems with landfills and technology being thrown out or shipped out of the country illegally. If people just took a little bit of time to…

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  • An Analysis Of Spoiled Food System

    Pitch: You come home from a long day of work, ready to fix your family dinner. But as you open the fridge, those chicken wings that you’ve been saving have rotten, and now your left with an odor and food gone to waste. Many cooks at home can relate to the issue. As rotten food contributes to the food waste problem in the country, your hard-earned money is thrown away. Spoiled is the solution to your problem as well as decreasing waste in the food system. It is a mobile app that tracks and…

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  • Reduce Reuse Recycle Case Study

    do I do with all this “junk” ?” Do I throw everything I no longer need or want out to end up in landfill or is there a better alternative? My partner and I went through everything we owned and rather than throw anything we did notwant to take with us into a skip we chose where possible to find homes for them. Friends made use of some of the things we had, large piles of books, electronics, furniture and good clothes, some of them hardly used were donated to charities like the salvations army,…

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  • What Is Composting Wrong

    just composting in our school. Composting is the more reasonable thing to do, mostly because throwing all of our trash in one place is wrong. Schools don't want to compost because they think its to much trouble, and not many people want to do that type of work. On the other hand people are saying that land fills are getting at capacity with trash from the neighboring schools. My opinion is that people need to stop being so unproductive and just get it over with. Composting also helps neighboring…

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  • Environmental Goals And Reflection

    aged children learned about sustainability and where their food came from. The children also helped tremendously in creating the garden. A butterfly house was also installed near the garden, so the children could learn about the important role animals play in ecology as well. This project is always a favorite of mine because the children really take pride about their food. Putting effort into creating something makes one appreciate the final product, and nowhere is that more clear than these…

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