Freshman Composition Class Reflection

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The English language is my secondary language. For that reason, I have had to try harder not only during the course of my Freshman Composition class, but in general during the most of my academic career. In other words, I have had to put more time and effort than typical in order to catch up, but I should say I have always loved it. That being said, I believe that, so far, I have done a pretty good job, obviously not in writing perfect and err less papers, but in setting foot in the right path in which I get to learn more about the nuances of English writing as each day goes by.

The freshman composition class provided me with the opportunity to explore the English language furthermore and be able to recognize my weaknesses and strengths. Moreover, the interactions between me and my classmates from time to time and the feedbacks from my Professor were all things that constantly opened up my mind to new ways of approaching issues. That is to say that the efficient use of Blackboard in creating discussion boards, and having the ability to see and read the writings of my peers was very helpful on various levels in improving my writing skills.

We were allowed to choose our topics arbitrarily. That itself, I think, contributed to my being able to write more passionately and study my
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Learning English writing is no exception to this rule. Therefore, after this course I will definitely put effort in correcting the forementioned issues of mine in writing. In addition, I would like to definitely collect all the little points that I gathered from my Professor and my peers and try to keep them in mind. Also, I am sure there are many things about writing that I have no knowledge about at this point; thus, I would definitely like to explore more and more in the English language in order to reach a much higher level of sophistication in my

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