English Reflective Reflection

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Wow, it’s hard to believe this semester has already come to an end. When I first walked into English 102 this semester I wasn’t sure what to expect of this course, but I knew I would be challenged. Although before this course I knew how to write papers, I had trouble expressing my thoughts effectively in my writing. After this semester I feel have started to overcome the the struggle and I know it is because of the past essay assignments and class activities we did this semester. Even though I know I can still improve on my writing, I feel I have the necessary tools to get better, thanks to this class. My writing process has changed a lot this semester compared to English 101 and has continued to change throughout the different writing assignments. Starting with the first writing assignment, “This I Believe”, allowed me to write freely about a topic I could relate to and it was something I felt passionate about. I began this paper just like any other, I got into my comfort zone with my Starbucks coffee, comfy outfit and inspirational music in the background. But when it came to my second, third and fourth paper it forced me to get out of my comfort zone. This is when my process began to …show more content…
Before this course I didn’t know how to properly make a claim in an essay or establish a good argument. Through the “This I Believe” essay and the in class assignments I feel I can construct an effect argument, counter argument and claim. Another challenge I faced at first was finding a way to use ethos, pathos and logos in my essays, but through in class activities I feel have overcome that struggle. One of the reasons I think this was a problem for me at first was because I didn’t really understand the true meaning of ethos, logos and pathos before this class. Now that I do, I feel it’s easier to write a persuasive essay knowing how to effectively use those modes of

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