How To Write A Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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My Reflection of this Semester
Throughout this semester I was approached with several challenging objectives that caused me to think critically while writing. Writing has never been a strong point of mine. When I came to The University of Alabama, I was apprehensive that I did not acquire the necessary skills to take a college English class. Auspiciously, I feel that I have met the desirable course outcomes and expanded my knowledge on writing. Though I have not perfected all of these writing skills, I am confident that I will be able to utilize what I have learned this semester in future courses and or my future career. In my Rhetorical Analysis Essay, I was instructed to incorporate some of the terms from the textbook, about rhetorical appeals and proofs into my paragraphs. Unfortunately, I failed to do so which caused my final essay grade to suffer greatly. After receiving feedback from
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In my Exploratory Essay, my instructor said to “follow a quote with some commentary explaining why it is relevant”. I was able to do so by incorporating my own thoughts on the quote and how it connected to the points made in the essay. In my first essay, the Rhetorical Analysis essay, I received feedback from my instructor stating “your paper is not clearly organized”. In the last essay, the Researched Position essay, I received similar feedback on my draft stating “you will need to work on organization”. Usually, one would correct a common error, but I was unable to do so throughout my essay’s. This significantly showed in my Researched Position Essay with feedback from my instructor stating, “There were some places where you needed stronger topic sentences, which caused some paragraphs to jump around and not stay focused.” With this essay, I feel that I have improved on my topic sentences representing the content of the

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