Importance Of Being A Writer

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You can never be a perfect writer, but you can always improve. Over the course of this semester I feel that I have seen an improvement in my writing not only in my English class but also in all of my classes. Throughout the course many techniques have furthered my approach to writing: appealing to emotion, ethics, and logic combined with a newfound analytical perspective has aided me in enhancing the content of my writing. My class has helped too make me aware of my own writing as well as the information that is presented to me. This course has significantly influenced my approach to writing as well. Personally, I am not confident in my writing and writing ability but the skills I have learned from this course have helped to boost my opinion of my own writing.
The main problems with my Progression I essay was that my thesis was not clear and specific enough, some of my paragraphs felt disorganized, my topic sentences didn’t do a great job of outlining the paragraph and, some of the examples I used throughout my paragraphs were not relevant to what I was discussing. Along with these problems, some of the words or phrases I used were not specific and made for an awkward or confusing sentence. Throughout the essay, I would also provide a point that had potential to elaborate on a
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I feel as though I rarely find myself straying away from the topic at hand. However, one of my major weaknesses is that I find myself being to ambiguous with my word choice. I have received the comment on multiple essays that my word choice or phrasing makes for to vague of a statement. After doing the revisions on my two essays, I noticed that my points were not clear because my word choice was not specific enough. Another weakness I see in my writing is a failure to elaborate on impactful ideas. Without further explanation the idea looks like a misplaced

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