My Rhetorical Analysis Of My Writing

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1. During this rhetorical analysis writing, I believe I have grown strongly as an academic writer. I believe this is true because I learned more about the MLA format, and I also improved on my ability to comprehend a writing and then take that and put it into a rhetorical analysis. I believe most to my success in this projecting, was reading the essay over and over again. Every time I read the essay I got more and more information than I did before. I have learned that academic writing can be tedious, but when you start understanding it more it becomes easier to do. I learned that for a rhetorical analysis you must take your time and dissect all parts of the essay you are analyzing, because the better you do dissecting the easier the analysis …show more content…
When writing my analysis the first thing I did was gathering my information. I did this by reading the essay multiple times, and then I tried to find the strategies I thought Oliver used. Then I went through the essay again a found example for the methods I thought she used. After that I developed my thesis I began to write my introduction. During this process I began to identify audience and purpose in the story, and also including the title and author. Then I wrote my brief description of the essay, and finally I put in my thesis. Next, I wrote the body of the paragraph starting with the first method I listed in my thesis. I tried to maintain an objective tone throughout the analysis, and I also tried to include around three examples in the writing. For my conclusion I restated my thesis and my main ideas, and then concluded with comments about Oliver and the message she displayed to her audience. Lastly I revised my analysis many times, and during this stage I fixed my thesis, added more detail, improved my organization, revised my grammar, and lastly redid my conclusion. Then finally my analysis was finished. The largest challenge I overcame in this part was definitely the revision, because that took a lot of time and hard work to complete. I would say using the writing process helped some, more so in the beginning stages of the writing process when I was coming up with my ideas and starting my …show more content…
During the writing of my analysis I learned that in MLA format your name and the page number should be included in the top corner. I learned that the page number and your name should be in the top right corner, and that the heading is on the left side. I think overall I did pretty well with the page citation and paraphrases. The page citation was pretty simple, but even though the paraphrases were more difficult I believe I still did pretty well with them. I don’t believe I had any problems with either, I think I understood them well. Also my matching was only 7% so I did not exceed the 15% limit. I believe the percentage was fair when I added it up myself it was a little less, but it still has me under so it was okay. The citation details new to me were including both book and essay title, not including the state of the city, and including the page numbers. Also the overall citation was new, because I have never done a citation like this

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