Reflection On How I Grow As A Writer

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Reflection Essay Taking English 105 has made me grow as a writer. I have learned an extensive amount of information about writing papers, critiquing papers, and editing papers. I have gained new writing skills on top improving my basic writing skills. Working with people and having my paper critiqued by classmates has also impacted my writing. I have had a lot of personal growth in my writing while taking this class in a lot areas such as learning how to collaborate with others, improvement, and even learning new information. Working with other students in class really helped me become a better writer. Having people read my papers and getting a second point of view helped me realize how to better improve my essays. My grammar improved, my …show more content…
Things like citations, in text citations, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and so on, have been improved over this semester. I have learned to use in text citations wisely to make my points sound stronger in my paragraphs. “Albert Einstein said “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid’’”. This is quote is a perfect example of this because it made my point exceptionally stronger in my Extended Argument Essay. My grammar and vocabulary have been profoundly upgraded as well. “This is why the tests were made, but I do not believe this is how they are implemented in the schools”. This example from my Informational Argumentative Essay shows how much I have grown in this area throughout this semester. Having stronger basic writing skills will benefit my future writing and will help me to aid others when I read their …show more content…
I have learned how to use neutral language, write complete thesis statements, how to put my own tone and voice in my writing, and how to critique my own paper. How to use neutral language was the most difficult skill to learn over the semester. “Standardized tests can be viewed by teachers, students, and parents, as helpful for the school system or detrimental to one’s academic future”. This opening sentence from my Informational Argumentative Essay is a perfect illustration of how my neutral language showed both sides of the argument but did not actually take a side. “Spiro Theodore Agnew used logos, pathos, and ethos to successfully get his point across to the millions of Americans listening to him that the news is giving out twisted information”. This thesis statement from my Rhetorical Analysis Essay shows that I have learned what needs to be in a thesis statement and how it should describe what you will be talking about for the rest of the paper. Having attained these new skills will improve my writing indefinitely and help me get better grades for essays in my classes in the

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