English 101: Rhetorical Analysis

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English composition was never my strong nor favorite because of my knowledge of the grammar and organization in my writing. Taking English 101 is a jump start for me, because last year of high school my teacher focused primarily on English literature. The course has introduced me to rhetorical analysis, and swatching (imitating author argument). Throughout the semester and all of the papers written I can say that it was a good experience to write at a college level and the expectation from college professors is good for future courses that involve writing essays.
Looking back at the first day I remember coming into English 101 I felt a mixture of afraid and boredom because of the long lecture in grammar and more than eight pages of writing
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After looking back through the units and writing assignment I have done in class I notice they all contain a form of rhetoric. In addition, since rhetoric is very important in not only in writing, but every day in careers that involve writing. It’s one of the very important fundamental writing tool because its role is to persuade and impress the audience by establishing credibility through understanding the issues. In brief, it can also be Aristotle’s modes of persuasion – by the names of ethos, pathos, and logos. In addition, it’s all about thinking critically of the situation and using the information given or find sources to compile a valid argument or reasoning to influence the audience. To put in career context it is essential, whenever working in the business field as a business writer or marketing writer to convenience the audience to buy the product.
Looking back on the papers I written throughout the semester there were ups and downs, however it is interesting they continue to focus the usage of rhetoric. The first paper I written was rhetorical analysis and clearly its primary objective was to persuade the audience through the usage of logos, pathos, and ethos. It wasn’t my best paper nor was the task easy because of the topic I chose was too narrow and didn’t provide enough information to make a valid point in my writing. From there I saw my mistake as not choosing a
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The course have taught me about critical thinking, writing formats, organization, in text citation, and citation of sources. However, these were already taught in high school, but the teaching was more in depth and the power point on integrating sources was the best power point in helping with my research position paper. I definitely believe that I have grasped the knowledge of rhetoric writing, but also improved my organization and citing my sources because I didn’t know whenever citing sources it must be in alphabetical order. As for my grammar and English word choices will need improvement. In conclusion, I believe I grown as a writer coming into English 101. It has not only help improve my writing from the new skills I have learn, but I was also able to manage my time by breaking down paragraphs when writing my paper in the given time frame. Never have I thought about this idea until coming into English 101 is outlining what to write from the day it is assign to the due date. Although I have made improvements, learn a lot about my writing skills, and new techniques, but there are areas in the grammar mechanic that I should focus more in the

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