Reflective Essay On English 101

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Prior to English 101, I have been taking several English classes, but each class helped me little by little to an English 101 student. Learning to have efficient studying habits such as study the day of the class and not doing things last minute. Also learning how to actually study other subjects and how to think critically. This has increased my learning habits.
My student habits have changed dramatically, In and out of school. moving up in college you have to take your studies seriously. My study habits have changed by making sure I get plenty of sleep at night and make sure I attend every class with the completed required assignments along with going over what we covered in class at home to make sure its imprinted in my head.
I believe
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English 101 taught me how to be more creative and broad about writing. Example on Essay 1 I didn’t really mention anything about Sonia Sotomayor’s mother not wanting her to work, and behind that was facts and important information about he context that I missed. I also approach my assignments differently now; I make sure my paragraphs are structured in the write order for an easy read for the reader. I realized when I start off with a good approach on a topic I have to tools and skills learned in class to expand ideas and write a solid piece of writing to read. I did also realize that I am bad to start off with, I haven’t seemed to find that spark to start me off right, so I guess that’s why they call it a shitty first …show more content…
all these things she has done in her childhood, even getting into an ivy league school, her excellence at Princeton, all shaped who she is today.

To explain and to inform everybody about Sonia Sotomayor. Reading about Sotomayor gives us the relief of a trust worthy member of the Supreme Court.
The intentions were to really know who Sotomayor was and how hard of a childhood she had but still over came it. Coming from that and placing to an Ivy League school, you should be represented.
Peer reviewing was a little difficult, everybody has their own style of writing and it hard to break it down and find the certain errors, but I have been getting better at it. Certain things I left out in my essay that my peer reviewers mentioned was to make my ideas clearer and specific, along with smoothing my transitions before jumping right in.
In fixing my essay, I have made my transitions more smoothly starting with a little thesis to it, than backing up what I say.
I made these changes because it was hard for a person who never read the book to wrap their head around what getting

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