What I Have Learned For English 101

What I Have Learned in English 101
I have learned a great deal in my second UA Early College class, English101. My writing skills have significantly developed and I have become a more experienced writer. In this class, I have learned to use MLA formatting, writing strategies and processes for different audiences and purposes, a variety of rhetorical strategies and processes for analyzing, and how to revise my work with attention to purpose, development, style, grammar, punctuation.
Before this class I was unfamiliar with MLA and how to do a works cited page. Consequently, I often forgot to cite or complete a works cited page on my homework assignments and discussions in the beginning of the class. I also completed works cited and citations incorrectly numerous times throughout the class. For example, when I was doing the M3 Response to Editorial Exercise, Response to " 'Traffic-Light ' Labeling Would Help,” I did not realize that the assignment needed a works cited page. Also, I did not include a works cited in the M4 images analysis exercise Tuscaloosa Tornado Images Analysis. I did not consider citing the source, because I was writing about a picture and I did not have quotes. Last, in the informative synthesis post I did not complete the works cited correctly. In all these assignments I should have read the directions more carefully and ensured I was completing the work according to MLA and academic standards. By the end of this course in my Sexual Assault on Campus

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