English 101 Reflective Essay

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After finishing the English 101 course I feel like I have accomplished many of the goals that I was challenged with the beginning of the course, such as critically thinking and reading with text from the textbook “Dialogues” by Gary Goshgarian, substantively replying to my peers to understand their point of views from the text and to get a better understanding of a rhetorical argument.
Thinking and reading critically were very important this whole course. Thinking and reading critically were something you would have to do in every assignment that was given. Incorporating it in every assignment has helped us greatly improve week by week and betters our understanding of each topic and the assignments main idea. To critically think and read is
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I have learned that the audience is one of the most important things in writing because it is who reads and how they perceive it; they get to see your point of view. Along with writing, we learned all these little things in between that are way more important than we think it is the style, tone and voice. For example, style is important in writing because without style your writing becomes a boring piece of writing or a poorly written piece. The tone of the writing conveys a message from you as the writer and affects the reader in a particular way. I have learned that using an appropriate tone will help engage the reader and propel him or her to action and the writer’s voice is something uniquely their own. It is the way they write; their voice, in writing, is as natural as everyone’s speaking voice. Style, tone and voice are very important things that I learned taking this class and it has really helped to shape the writing. It also helps by connecting with the audience because the audience can see your specific style or tone or voice of writing when they read your work. Reflecting and evaluating was another way that we could benefit our writing from others because after writing and waiting a few days we got the see our peers work and how they approached the assignment and I thought this was nice because you could see other people’s opinions on the work and what

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