Analysis Of Anne Lamott's Essay Shitty First Draft

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When writing a paper there are steps that need to be taken to have a perfect paper to be proud of. But sure there are going to be some complications and moments to give up, but not only students have trouble in the matter of fact professional writers have the same problems too. Although many authors seem to be perfect writers, they are not, they face the same problems as students do. They do not write perfect papers, as professional writers, there are going to be mistaken when writing an essay.
Anne LaMott in her essay “Shitty First Drafts” she believes that every good writer or writer should write a shitty first draft because the writer will produce a better second draft and “terrific third drafts”(222). Anne Lamott is a well-regarded writer
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William Zinsser illustrates the importance of simplicity that someone should keep in mind while writing an essay. Writer's think using big words will help their essays, but for Zinsser, it is a big no because using this type of words, not means the essay will be better than a writer that uses simplicity through their essays. William Zinsser talks about the secrets to have good writing, which is to have clean components for each sentence. In his essay Zinsser was defending the readers who read writers' work because is not readers fault, not knowing what is going on while reading the work but, is actually the writer's fault for not making certain things clear while writing. With this statement, it relates to the Anne Lamott essay having a shitty draft and revising it at least two times to have the terrific third draft. For Zinsser essay, it showed how he incorporated with other authors such as Roosevelt. Zinsser had many pieces that were similar to Roosevelt such as “clear thinking becomes clear writing; one can’t exist without the other” (Zinsser 234). Both authors relate to each other because simplicity is both on their theory to have a good type of writing. Simplicity can always be used to be a writer and have perfect work for the readers and …show more content…
Robbins in “Finding Your Voice as an Academic Writer (and Writing Clearly)” reflects on the developing a voice for academic writing with the importance of ideas, facts, and conclusions but to also have a point of view or stance. It mentions that can also be expressed in one's choice of research topics and with the need of courage when the manuscripts are rejected or receive harsh comments from reviewers. With her essay it mentions that each writer needs to find their own voice. The voice does not need to be outstanding but well-educated, she says needs to be educated because how will it look when a person talks without grammar punctuation. For some people it might seem irrelevant to watch how they speak but are the first thing what bosses, teacher, and audience look for to see how the voice sound when a conversation is in process. For writing back to Anne LaMott first when writing a shitty draft come in handy when writing an essay. Brainstorming is a way to get ideas out but also to see how the essay will see if ideas should get added or removed to make the essay more understandable or

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