English 1302 Reflection

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With every new class I have ever taken, came new experiences, new knowledge, and self improvement. Which have all made me into a better student and molded me as a person. Not all classes do this to every student it consist of the student’s willingness to learn, and the teacher’s interest in their students learning. In English 1302, I have improved my analyzing skills, my communication skills, and I am working on correct grammar. One of my favorite assignments from this semester that really helped me refresh and improve my analyzing skills was the song/poem essay. While this assignment had me excited from the beginning I was also scared that I would not do so well because I had forgotten how to do it. When I first started to do the assignment, …show more content…
Even though my contributions to the intellectual life of the class might have not been the best I believe that they were helpful not only to me but to some of my peers. Specifically in the peer reviews, I felt that those were crucial to the class, because every student had the opportunity to read and analyze another’s paper. By giving helpful criticism to someone else 's paper we were all receiving a new view into the type of essay we needed to be writing, therefore giving our own essays a new point of view to revise with. Consequently, peer reviews helped me learn to communicate better because I really wanted to give constructive criticism that my peers would find helpful towards improving their essays, so that I could also receive some in exchange. For example in the last essay I wrote one of the critics that I had was that one of my paragraphs was all wrong and that it really just did not mean much. Therefore, I went back and completely rewrote the paragraph and I felt so much better for it, thank you to that …show more content…
I believe that sometimes my mistakes in grammar stay on my papers because while I am revising and editing my paper I have trouble reading the actual words on the paper and instead read the things that my mind says it should read. For example, one of my greatest mistakes is forgetting to write some commas when the writing should have it. The problem is that in my mind I read it as if the comma is there while it is truly not, I believe that this problem extends in part out of the fact that I read a lot of books where the grammar is not the best and I always try to ignore it while I am reading. Additionally, I also need to work on eliminating my run on sentences from my writing.
My english 1302 class has really been a great experience that I have enjoyed, even though at first I was scared because it was online. Altogether, this class has not only taught me how to improve my communication, analyzing, and research skills but many other things that I believe will help me throughout the rest of my college career. Finally I want to thank my english 1302 teacher, because she is the one who made this experience possible and I hope that she knows how great her class and teaching format truly

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