Strengths And Weaknesses Of Writing

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Every writer has strengths and weaknesses that make their writing uniquely their own. The strengths are points of pride, the weaknesses are constantly worked on to slowly strengthen and reinforce them to make the writing even better. I believe that my greatest strengths as a writer are my ability to follow through with my thesis and organize my writing in a logical way that improves readability; my biggest weaknesses as a writer are proofreading and planning in advance.
As with most things, my strengths and weaknesses fluctuate with every piece of writing—they are not all equal for many reasons—but this class has made a major impact on the way I approach writing. With every new piece I have written for this class, I believe I improved some elements of my writing and learned through trial and error with others. This class has given me the tools and knowledge to look at writing with a critical eye and I hope that this analysis of my own writing will help to improve my future works.
To start off my critique, I will discuss my strengths. One of my most notable strengths in writing—in my
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This essay was on the topic of gun control on college campuses and my thesis was as follows, “policies that allow guns on college campuses are dangerous; they create room for several issues to arise such as fear in the learning environment, abuse of gun regulations, crimes like theft, and they do not increase campus safety.” In this case, the last four things listed go on to act as my major arguments for the essay. Each point is not strictly limited to one paragraph, but it is easy to see these four main points stand out as I continue with the essay. I do not say anything in that sentence that doesn’t appear later on, and I do not add any points to my paper that aren’t in that

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