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  • Valid Argument

    Invalid Forms of Propositional Arguments Pages 164 – 175 of the textbook focuses on assessing valid forms versus invalid forms of propositional forms. It provides a brief description of what would be considered a valid argument and invalid argument. A valid argument passes the proper form test, while an invalid argument fails it. Five of the nine most used propositional arguments discusses are valid arguments. These valid forms include: the denying a disjunct, affirming an exclusive disjuncts, affirming the antecedent, denying the consequent, and the tri-conditional. On the other hand, four of those nine propositional arguments are invalid forms, therefore are considered fallacies. These fallacies include:…

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  • Arguments Of Euthanasia

    greatly broaden the view of the reader and also the author which allows them to make an educated and logical argument on the subject. The topic of physician assisted suicide has many different sides to its argument which makes it a prime candidate in getting opposing views for research. It brings into question the morals and integrity of doctors, and also the morals of the patients and families that choose physician assisted suicide. Many people see it as tarnishing the value of human life,…

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  • Persuasive Argument

    The persuasive essay is devoted to proving a point of view and convincing its readers to side with the author’s opinion. In order to write a strong persuasive essay, you should choose your stance and express it explicitly both in the thesis and throughout the essay, using logical reasoning and provoking readers’ emotional response. The persuasive essay usually has a five paragraph essay format, though the number of the paragraphs can be increased if necessary. The introduction should seize the…

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  • The Rogerian Argument Analysis

    The Rogerian Argument, coming from Carl Rogers’ theory, is an effective analysis within written arguments. Essentially, it involves adopting the role of a once therapist to aid in solving or coming to a compromise of an issue. The passage “Letter to a Southern Baptist Minister” written by Edward O. Wilson, argues that religion and science could potentially join together. The author uses restatement, which just manipulates the words of the speaker to change their understanding. He proves his…

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  • Argument Against Parfit

    In this essay, I will show that Derek Parfit is wrong to think that without perfectionism we cannot avoid the repugnant conclusion. My first step in defending this thesis will be to review Parfit’s argument on the repugnant conclusion and the way perfectionism helps us avoid it. I will then try to undermine his view by showing it supports implausible claims. For example, the premise of Parfit’s argument is that perfectionism does provide a full means of avoiding the repugnant conclusion.…

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  • An Argument For Animalism Analysis

    In the essay “An Argument for Animalism” by Eric T. Olson, he concludes that personal identity is psychological continuity. I will disagree with Olson’s ideas about personal identity in the brain-transplant and the thinking-animal argument. The main point of the paper is about animalism. Olson’s argument is that each one of us is numerically identical to a human animal. Olson says that a person could exist who is not numerically identical to any animal, but it’s not the case for you and I.…

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  • Glaucon's Argument Analysis

    In his speech Glaucon introduces us to the argument stating his beliefs on why do people created and follow justice. Most of his argument is based on the idea that “the badness of suffering it [injustice] far exceeds the goodness of doing it [justice]” (358 e). He believes that as a consequence of this fact people come to an agreement not to do injustice to avoid suffering it. The people that enter this agreement tend to have experienced both sides, doing injustice and receiving injustice or do…

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  • Epicurus Argument Analysis

    In discussions of death, a controversial issue has been whether death is bad for the person that dies. According to Epicurus and Rosenbaum, humans should not fear death because they are unaware of their death and therefore death cannot be bad for them. According to Nagel, however, says death is bad for the person who dies because it deprives that person of all the good that life can bring them. Therefore, they disagree on whether death is implicitly bad for the person that dies. Epicurus…

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  • Epicurus's Argument Analysis

    A Critique of Epicurus’s Argument about Death Kejia Jiang Word count: 1419 As the founder of Epicureanism, Greek philosopher Epicurus presented the view that it is irrational to fear or hate death and death is not a misfortune for one who dies. The main idea he used to defend his argument was that no one will feel painful while dead, therefore death is not a bad thing for people and there is no need to fear it. At the first glance, the argument may seem to be plausible. However,…

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  • Analysis Of The Argument Of Deprivation

    experience the death of the body. This is known as the Argument from Experience, there are two counter arguments to this argument. Firstly, the Argument from Deprivation, which states that death is harmful due to the deprivation of pleasurable experiences one is missing out on by being dead. This argument takes a comparative view on why death is harmful. Secondly, we have the Argument from Interests, death is harmful because it harms our interests after death. For these arguments to hold we…

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