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  • Adoption

    A Synopsis on Adoption The concept of adoption is not new to humanity, while it continually evolves and sparks debate, as cultural climates are far from static. Historically, adoption dates back centuries, yet, its role in the Unites States has progressed. Adoption encompasses three sets of lives, consisting of the birth parent(s), adoptive parents, and the adoptee, thus, forming what is known as a triad. Moreover, it has theological roots, and all facets of the triad can result in both positive and negative psychological implications. It is important to recognize all three elements for healing and counseling purposes in the pursuit of enhancing the solidarity of family units. Furthermore, being an adult adoptee provides personal insight…

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  • Adoption Vs Biological Adoption

    Biological Rights “Adoption is a transformational process bringing parenthood to those who long for but cannot bear children and giving stranded children home, family, and their place in the world”(Van Der Pas). The most important aspect in the adoption process are the children involved. Therefore finding the right home for them is a long difficult process. A person making a decision to adopt, is engaging in a life long decision. It is a contract between…

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  • Child Adoption Vs Private Adoption

    children (World). About 135,000 children are adopted each year and 107,000 are awaiting adoption (Fogle). Adoption is defined as a social and legal process that creates a new family, giving adopted children the same rights and benefits as those born into the family. There are several ways that children get adopted. Children can get adopted publicly or privately and through these two options they can be adopted internationally, across state borders which is usually through foster care. The type…

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  • Homosexuality And Adoption

    Should adoptees, race or homosexuality be a consideration in adoption? Today, over 150,000,000 children (18 and under) are without parents. This number includes children of White, Black, Indian, Asian, Mexican, and other races who are in foster care looking for a family. An adoption is to take place if the adopting family is willing to love and accept everything about the child, whom already feels neglected. Love will always come first when taking care of a child. There should never be a law…

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  • Benefits Of Adoption

    and minority ethnic children. Encouraging potential adoptive families to give these children a home is one of the biggest issues adoption agencies encounter (Tickle). In fact, most adoption agencies play a big role in making these hard-to-place children seem as though they are invisible. Most social workers know that almost all the people thinking about adopting want white babies, they normally do not even mention the other children that do not fit that description. Instead, they label those…

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  • Signs Of Adoption

    There are many children adopted everyday, into wonderful homes. Some children can find their adoption a blessing or some children may find it a hatred or down fall in their life, due to the adoptive child’s personality. Some children who are adopted find it a blessing and end up being very happy. But some children obtain the opposite feelings. These children may end up having anger or even obtain attachment issues with there new family. There are many signs and factors that could be the reason…

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  • The Laws Of Adoption

    When it comes to having kids, one may never think they will possibly have to adopt to achieve their goal of having a family. This holds true in so many states across the country. One important factor that protects the kids up for an adoption are the laws that regulate the process. There are many different Indiana law codes that affect the process from the beginning to the end. In the state of Indiana there are currently over one hundred and twenty-five juveniles waiting to be adopted by their…

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  • The Adoption Process

    The adoption process influences everyone in the family in a positive way, this whole experience is done to provide a child without a family the opportunity to be part of one. However it takes a toll on other family members especially when other children are involved. The necessity for attention is different for both their birth children and adopted children. Families formed by adoption and birth deal with issues all their own. Adoption is defined as a permanent, legally binding arrangement…

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  • Adoption Essay

    Adoption The term adoption is very controversial around the world. Many people think that if someone adopts a child it will never be the same as having their own or by the natural way. As any other topic in the world, is debatable and does not have to be be right or wrong, it is based on opinions. The truth is that there are two points of view. The first is that of the mother that has to give her baby in adoption and the second is the one of the mother that has to adopt a child. Even though…

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  • Adoption Vs Same Sex Adoption Essay

    People may think these kids have a disadvantage, but many strengths come from these families too. Adoption can be hard for these families because a large amount of people think the child won’t get as much love and support from one gender; these people believe children should have both genders in their life. I believe that kids with single parents and gay parents are loved just as much. The amount of love a child gets isn’t determined by the gender of number of parents. Many agencies believe…

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