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  • Advanced Practice Nurse Essay

    Advanced Practice Nurses and the Fight for Expanded Roles The diversity of nursing practice proves that Advanced Practice Nurses (APN) have the capacity to promote broad access of health care at all levels. However, that same diversity in practice is the reason for the obstacles they are facing in obtaining their expanded role in today’s practice. With the challenges surrounding access to care, Advance Practice Nurses could be the answer to pressing matters involving cost, efficiency and availability of healthcare in the United States. For this reason, it is important for the government at the state, local and federal levels to allow flexibility in the restrictions surrounding APNs’ scope of practice and implement strategies for change that…

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  • Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

    physician? An Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) is a nurse who has had advanced training through a Master’s level program. The APRN has the ability to autonomously assess, diagnose, prescribe, and treat patients. A physician also has advanced medical training that allows them to assess, diagnose, prescribe, and treat patients. A physician typically has a residency program that gives them additional training, while an APRN does not. I initially felt that APRNs were not as educated as…

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  • Advanced Practice Nurse: A Case Study

    The DNP, a practice-focused terminal degree, prepares the Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) to promote evidence-based knowledge for practice and provide skills for navigating complex systems in healthcare (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2006). I began taking this journey after a diverse background in nursing which was appropriate since my career goal is to seek a leadership role as an independent practicing nurse practitioner. Health care policy has an influence on every aspect in…

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  • Advanced Practice Nurse Roles: A Reflection

    Advanced Practice Nurse Roles: A Reflection As I reflect on the role of the advanced practice nurse, an abundance of thoughts come to mind. In a way, these thoughts are enlightening and at the same time almost overwhelming. As I work closer to achieving this position in my career, I come to grasp the paradox that the more I know about advanced practice nursing, the less know about it. Even so, I feel that advanced practice nursing is more than just a career, it is a role that is becoming more…

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  • Advanced Practice Registered Nurses

    Introduction There are four types of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses or APRNs that have developed over time. Advanced Practice Registered Nurses include Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS), Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA), Certified Nurse Midwives (CNM), and Nurse Practitioners (NP). These roles are registered nurses with expert training in their specific field. According to Detroit Free Press (2013), “APRNs provide high-quality, cost-effective primary care with positive…

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  • Advanced Practice Nurses: A Case Study

    Position and Assumptions The role of the Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) has two key dimensions in the healthcare arena. The first is knowledge management that includes generating evidence, gathering different types of knowledge, synthesizing knowledge, and interpreting and determining how to apply this knowledge. The second dimension is to promote the endorsement of knowledge by building the competencies of frontline nurses, engaging with nurses in problem solving and facilitating changes…

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  • Advanced Practice Registered Nurses Summary

    Professional Issues of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses Lilian Chira Frontier Nursing University Summary of Evaluations My presentation was on professional issues of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses. I did my evaluation at my church where I brought oatmeal cookies and orange juice and also told the audience they were free to bring their own snacks. I invited and confirmed with four audiences, but unfortunately only two were able to attend. Fortunately two certified nursing…

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  • Cnl's Advanced Practice Nurse: A Case Study

    The CNL is a master’s-prepared generalist clinician, not an advanced practice nurse, who oversees the care coordination of a distinct group of patients, evaluates patient outcomes, and has the decision-making authority to change care plans when necessary. Educational preparation is graduating at a master entry program entering the workforce as novice nurse, completing nine to twelve months transitional-professional practice period, then move into a unit based clinical leadership roles based on…

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  • APN Leader Interview Project: Advanced Practice Nurse

    APN Leader Interview Project Advanced practice nurse is registered nurse who has advanced clinical roles in nursing such as assessing a patient, diagnosing, ordering labs and providing treatment. They also play a leading role in coordinating health promotion by educating patient about their health condition. Clinical competence helps the advance practice nurse to achieve advance skills for assessing and meeting needs of the patient but it also helps to create a safe and trusty relationship…

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  • Personal Reflection On Advanced Practice Registered Nurses

    The advanced practice registered nurses are the registered nurses who had been prepared through advanced graduate education; either has a master’s or doctorate degree in the field of nursing. According to the American Nurses Association (2008), advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) is an umbrella term and incorporates four roles: clinical nurse specialists (CNS), certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNA), certified nurse midwives (CNM), and nurse practitioners (NP). The APRN is…

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