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  • Illness And Stigma

    Mental Illness and Stigma: An Annotated Bibliography Aldworth, Jeremy, et al. “Results from the 2014 National Survey on Drug Use and Health: Mental Health Detailed Tables.” SAMHSA. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 2014. Web. 5 Jan. 2016. This source is a collection of tables measuring mental health and mental health service utilization using data from the results of the 2014 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH). The enormous collection of tables differentiates between contrasting data of age, race, gender, socioeconomic level, geographic location, health insurance, treatment, and more. The statistics are given in both number of people and percentages. Since this source is composed of many statistics with…

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  • Chronic Illness Paper

    Chronic illness threatens the well-being of the elderly population. Impairments and restrictions imposed by the illness can dramatically impact the afflicted persons emotional well-being and outlook on their life. As a professional practicing nurse, throughout this discussion I will share my personal experiences, beliefs and values on what wellness in chronic illness means to me and contribute my thoughts and ideas about chronic illness amongst my colleagues. As a practicing nurse in an…

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  • Perception Of Mental Illness

    Mental illness is extremely prevalent in society today. And yet the average person thinks that mental illness only affects “other” people and certainly not members of their own family. A common perception of mental illness is of a homeless person or a “psychopath” on a violent rampage. The social stigma can lead those dealing with less obvious mental illnesses to hide them. As if this were not enough, what happens when parents fail to recognize mental illness in their children because of such…

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  • Cultural Attitudes To Illness

    regarding health issues or different beliefs on why an illness occurs. While some of them believe in herbs and homemade cures, others trust the authority figures, such as qualified doctors or nurses. Differences in cultures affect patients ability to cope and manage with the effects…

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  • What Is Respiratory Illness?

    It is important to note some of the symptoms exhibited by the patient. The symptoms could assist in determining the type of the respiratory condition such as upper respiratory infect, lower respiratory infection or eve acute non infective respiratory problem. It would also be important to get the information of any tests done previously on the patient. The treatment administered on the patient would be important as it would help analyse the best treatment to curb the illness. It would be…

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  • Causes Of Mental Illness

    It is hard to define mental illness because within our society it is viewed in many different ways. Currently, there are several definitions: mental illness as the absence of mental health, as sickness, as difficulty in social adaptation, or as unpleasant or abnormal behavior that others would label as insanity (Leighninger & Popple, 2011). The most common definition viewed by society is mental illness as a disease. However you define it, mental illness is a common health problem affecting…

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  • Aphasic Mental Illness

    Overall wellness is one of the main concern regarding aphasic patient, and lack of public awareness can negatively impact mental health of the patients, an important structure in maintaining the overall wellness. Mental health, even among healthy people, is a crucial part in maintaining the function of the body. However, mental health of the aphasic patients are usually affected by distress. By definition, distress can be described as anything that cause pain or suffering to the body, or even…

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  • Health And Illness: Population Trends

    Measuring health- Health and illness is measured by statistical trends. There are three main causes to this. Firstly is the government statistics. It is when the Office of National Statistics takes responsibility for the recent information’s about the health and care issues around the world. The periodicals involves the Social Trends, Population Trends and more trends that is involved with health and illness. All of the periodicals also takes responsibility for the birth, death, infant…

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  • Mental Illness

    people, aged 18 or older, suffer from a diagnosable mental illness, most of the population still view these people with distrust and even worse, disgust. In order to stop this stigma we must first admit that there is one and see the full extent of it. In doing this we find ways to address the problem and educate the population in ways that will adapt their view. Statement of the Problem “Stigma tragically deprives people of their dignity and interferes with their full participation…

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  • Mental Illness Video Review

    Watching “Hidden in Plain Sight: Looking for Mental Illness” on BBC and “Clinical Impressions: Identifying Mental Illness” made me aware of how those coping with a mental disorder feel. The participants experience varied among the individuals but overall, some shared a common characteristic such as expressing their confinement in their illness until questioned by the panel. The participants were asked to not share their illness with the other participants during the study which made it hard for…

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