Nursing Evaluation Summary

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Professional Issues of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses
Lilian Chira
Frontier Nursing University

Summary of Evaluations
My presentation was on professional issues of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses. I did my evaluation at my church where I brought oatmeal cookies and orange juice and also told the audience they were free to bring their own snacks. I invited and confirmed with four audiences, but unfortunately only two were able to attend. Fortunately two certified nursing assistant were able to attend on time and the presentation continued as planned. The two nursing assistants are interested in becoming family nurse practitioners in future.
The two completed evaluations gave me the insights on how to become a
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While doing a presentation I learned personally that I need to focus on the presentation and the audience. For example, I tend to get a bit nervous and because of that I lose my concentration and that makes me stop thinking about what I’m doing and therefore I start to talk faster than I should. So I learnt that I should put a lot of focus in trying to talk slower. I was able to complete my presentation in 35 minutes and the audience was happy that I was able to stay within the time limit.
Depth of Presentation The audience evaluated me as excellent on the depth of the presentation noting that the presentation was well organized with logical flow of ideas, accurate, relevant, well researched covering all the necessary information, thorough, and informative. I agree with the audience as the presentations covered all the areas of what a nurse practitioner entails from the definition, role, scope of practice, education history, patient satisfaction, and quality studies. The audience clearly stated that NPs have come a long way but there is more to be done.
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The audience said that at the beginning I seemed nervous and talked a bit faster, but quickly relaxed and transitioned to just right rate and the presentation flowed well. I agree with the audience as I tend to get nervous and talk fast, which makes it hard to hear the words clearly. I think that practice and preparing in addition to relaxing help to better focus and therefore presenting the speech in the right rate. The audience evaluated my presentation as easy to follow and clear and very informative.
I was also nervous about answering the questions at the end of the presentation, but I did well and this provided a perfect opportunity to respond to the audiences questions in a coherent way. I have an understanding that effective presentation is much more than just presenting my ideas or delivering a speech to my audience. It is more about skillful communication and relating to the audience whether few or large. Overall I feel that preparing and delivering the presentation has helped me build my confidence for future presentations. . I reinforced the main ideas at the conclusion of the presentation when I showed the audience a YouTube audiovisual of who can be a nurse practitioner, their role, and where they can work. The experience was positive

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