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  • Nurse To Nurse Bullying Essay

    The aim for this project was to increase nursing students’ awareness of nurse-to-nurse bullying. This project also included recent research into bullying in the workplace, including its prevalence within the profession, causes and identification, as well as different types of bullying an its impact on victims (both, nurses and patients). Our project also highlights research into combating, preventing and dealing with bullying. To accomplish this goal educational information was made available to nursing students, through a brochure and a formal presentation. The information was presented to current nursing students at MCPHS University, which included the types of bullying behaviors (overt and covert) that occur in the clinical setting as well as strategies used to cope with these bullying behaviors. Based on the pre- and post-tests completed before and after the presentation it was determined that the students’ awareness of the challenges associated with nurse-to-nurse bullying and effective ways to…

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  • Relationship Between Nurse And Nurse

    In the field of health, the interaction between the staff involved in the patient care is constant, and without them, it is impossible to achieve the result that is expected to be the recovery of the health of the patients. To guarantee excellence in health care, they interacted with each other daily as a team. This team is composed, among others, of a doctor, a nurse, the staff of the medical support services (laboratories, radiology, pharmacy, physiotherapy, etc.) and administrative services…

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  • Nurse Burnout Among Nurses

    Individual Literature Review Group Research Topic and Problem The research question my group and I formulated is, what are the interventions to decrease nurse burnouts in the health care setting? According to the National Nurses United, “Burnout is categorized as physical, mental and emotional exhaustion” (Ericksen, 2015). A nurse that experiences a burnout strongly effects his or her emotions and decreases their motivation, which can lead to a decrease in patient care. Furthermore, this stress…

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  • Essay On Ineffective Nurse To Nurse Communication

    From the article, the nature of the problem evolves around the concerns regarding the ineffective nurse-to nurse communication by the team and the failure to finish shift before the scheduled time. Particular concerns involves first, the report occurring in large groups preventing team members to listen and understand discussions, secondly, issues regarding nurses who have to hand-off patients to wait for the next nurse who is still receiving report from somebody or just socializing (Evans, D.,…

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  • Summary: Improving Nurse-To-Nurse Communication

    The places where communication was observed to occur depended on the patient load in the emergency department. When the ED became busy, nurses tended to communicate more frequently in the rooms or in the hallways (rather than in the central work area) so that they could remain closer to their assigned patients. In fact, the nurses spent most of their time during their shifts in the patient rooms and hallways, and only remained in the central area to the extent needed for charting and…

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  • Nurse To Nurse Patient Ratio Paper

    neglected care can lead to several serious patient safety issues. The clinical question guiding this research for a quantitative article is: Do higher nurse to patient ratio affect patient care? Will better nurse to patient ratio result in fewer hospital related mortalities and other patient outcomes? Problem The purpose of this paper is to focus on the health outcomes resulting from low nursing staff would be higher mortality rates, hospital acquired infections, and unmet basic patient care.…

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  • Not Enough Nurses

    Not Enough Nurses Recently in the past couple of years there has been a shortage of nurses. The American Association of College of Nursing states, “The U.S. is projected to experience a shortage of Registered Nurses (RNs) that is expected to intensify as Baby Boomers age and the need for health care grows” (Rosseter). Since there are not enough nurses the nurses that we do have are overworked and have to work longer hours. According to the ANA (American Nurses Association) there are six…

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  • Becoming A Nurse

    what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel,” is something for a person to ponder while they are on the journey to becoming a nurse (Angelou,2015). For someone whom wishes to become a nurse must realize that they are taking on a lifelong dedication to the service of others. Nurses are thought of in the same category as a physician or priest (Osler, 2015), and being the “heart of healthcare” (Donna Wilk Cardillo). The role of a nurse is to be the best nurse they can possibly…

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  • Nurse Safety

    Nurse Safety According to Fink (2013), nursing is one of the riskiest occupations in America today. In 2010, approximately 654,000 healthcare professionals were injured in the workplace, with these injuries primarily afflicting nurses (Fink, 2013). Nurses provide the majority of a patient’s healthcare, but are still underappreciated. These professionals work long rigorous shifts that take a toll on their body and may impact patient’s safety. Nurse safety is vital for the hospital to insure…

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  • Role Of A Nurse

    His or her job as a nurse is to determine what is best for their patients. This would seem to be a doctor’s position, as it very much is, but often doctors unintentionally view patients as a medical chart with numbers and information, rather than a person with a family. Nurses spend the most amount of time with their patients; thus, they learn what makes a patient laugh or cry, and they understand their patients’ comfort levels so they work in a way to form relationships with each and every one…

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