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  • The Importance Of Nurse To Nurse Staffing

    Each institution has its recruitment policy and maintaining a staff that allows them to provide the services required by its clients. Since nursing is a service that 24 hours are required, a provision has to be done and have the staff necessary to meet the needs. Nurse-to-patient ratios can improve nurse staffing, recruitment and make workloads more manageable (Allen, 2013, p.20). Staffing patterns and the method used vary both in the centralized and decentralized personnel has to cover all shifts and provide quality services. The decentralized staffing has the strengths to provide greater autonomy and flexibility, the staff are able to take requests directly from their manager and the manager take control and it can reduce or increase the…

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  • The Failure Of Communication For Nurse To Nurse

    study; first, the authors did not specify the criteria necessary for the participants nor did they explain the demographic characteristics of the participants for comparison. Second, the two nurses did not complete the final phase of the assessment part of the SBAR, which may create discrepancies because the number of participants were not equal. Third, both groups for learning techniques were implemented by the first author who had complete knowledge of the study; while the second author…

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  • Relationship Between Nurse And Nurse

    In the field of health, the interaction between the staff involved in the patient care is constant, and without them, it is impossible to achieve the result that is expected to be the recovery of the health of the patients. To guarantee excellence in health care, they interacted with each other daily as a team. This team is composed, among others, of a doctor, a nurse, the staff of the medical support services (laboratories, radiology, pharmacy, physiotherapy, etc.) and administrative services…

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  • Why Do Nurses Become A Nurse

    much of the organization and delivery of healthcare in the U.S. as they once did? I’ve been a nurse for twenty-three years now and have seen a lot of changes in healthcare. I’ve seen the physician’s role diminished and replaced an ever growing bureaucracy. Grant it some of the bureaucrats might technically be physicians at least on paper, they are in fact mostly bean counters such as Medical Directs for insurance companies. This shift has led to many physicians leaving direct patient care or…

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  • Role Of A Nurse

    His or her job as a nurse is to determine what is best for their patients. This would seem to be a doctor’s position, as it very much is, but often doctors unintentionally view patients as a medical chart with numbers and information, rather than a person with a family. Nurses spend the most amount of time with their patients; thus, they learn what makes a patient laugh or cry, and they understand their patients’ comfort levels so they work in a way to form relationships with each and every one…

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  • A Career As A Nurse

    To me, being a nurse is more than a job or career. It is a continuous learning process that I am willing to take on each day, to embrace life changing events and miracles. Touching the lives of others whether the help is gratitude or remains unnoticed, the pride I hold in saying “I’m going to be a nurse” is unmeasurable. Nursing is more than a profession of integrity and compassion; it’s a privilege to be responsible for someone else. My pursue in nursing, first initiated when I was young and my…

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  • A Career For A Nurse

    One may ask, what kind of nurse are you? For some nurses the answer is clear, for others that answer may not be quite so simple. There are those who will go their entire career without truly knowing or finding out what they truly want to do. You will have nurses that will always want to continue to grow and develop in their role, always aspiring to follow paths to help them grow and you will have others that will stay in the same positon for their entire career. One thing all nurses have in…

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  • A Nurse: A Career As A Nurse

    decision. Is being a nurse what I really wanted to do? I asked myself this so many times. After answering all my questions, I knew I was right. I love helping people. Not just a certain age or types of people, all of them! So I chose to become a nurse. A Registered Nurse is a bachelor’s degree. You need at least four years of schooling before getting your degree. In 2012, the starting pay for a RN nurse was $46.37 per hour. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, 2014) When I was little and if you would…

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  • Conflict Between Nurse Practitioner And Wound Care Nurse

    described by Group 3 discusses the direct conflict between a nurse practitioner and a wound nurse wherein the nurse practitioner expresses negative comments about the wound care nurse. Also involved in the conflict is the patient who is involuntarily involved, and the leader who has stepped in to mediate the conflict. Group 3 identifies the nurse practitioner calling the wound nurse incompetent when speaking to the patient as the issue that requires conflict resolution. Group 3 describes these…

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  • Nurse Workload In Nursing

    work someone or something has to perform. Nurses have to get a certain amount of time to get their work done. Nonetheless, what would happen if nurses have a heavy workload and do not have the necessary time to perform it? It will be a total disaster because nurses would not perform well in their work. Nurses all over the world have too big of a workload. Lack of sufficient professional preparation and imbalance on their tasks increases the workload, and nurses, patients, the organizations they…

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