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  • Myself For Nursing School

    reading. I always struggled in school trying to learn and retain the things that were taught except in English class, that class was my favorite not because I learned how to spell or write stories but because I got to read. Reading to me has always been an escape from reality, I can go into a book and lose myself for hours. I have had many literacy sponsors in my lifetime but My biggest sponsor would have to be my mother, I am sure a lot of children idolize their parents in some way or another and I certainly idolized my mother. She was a single mom raising two children on her own, Money was always tight and extra activities were difficult to afford. But we were blessed to live across the street from our towns public library and on the days my mama was off work we would always get a book and she would read to us. She did that for years…

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  • Essay For Nursing School

    Nursing is a profession, so being a student; I can learn to socialize in to professional practice. This learning will help me to develop myself to the professionalism of nursing. I will develop the characteristics of autonomous and accountable of my practice. Not only that, I will be committed to my work and profession. Being a member of a committee responsible for deciding which nursing research projects to provide fund for, I believe, who are the participants in the research have high…

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  • Nursing School Stress Essay

    Coping With Nursing School Stress Obtaining a Bachelor of Science Nursing (BSN) is said to be one of the toughest undergraduate degrees. The workload of nursing school is profound; finding a way to de-stress is key to being a successful student and a working nurse. Nursing programs require students to learn a lot of information fast. In addition to the grueling pace, many students feel pressure to achieve high, test scores and pass industry exams, such as the HESI and NCLEX. Self-induced…

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  • My Expectation To Nursing School

    I kid you not. It has taken me two months to write this essay. I guess I am finding it challenging to show you me in words. This will be my third time applying to the school of nursing. What scares me the most, is not knowing whether it was my past essays are just my overall presentation that was not up to par. It pains me to say, but this might be the last chance to be the person I aspire towards because financially there comes a point where you do have to say no. I come from a family of seven…

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  • Reflective Essay: The Benefits Of Nursing School

    There is no doubt that nursing school is a tough thing to conquer and ‘life’ doesn’t stop for it either. Fortunately, in my twenty-two years of life I have developed ways to keep myself level headed and less stressed out when things get a little tough. Being a strong type A personality, like myself, I have found that I like to maintain a certain level of stress in order to operate. In my head, I need multiple things to be thinking about and doing in order to succeed. This has made it…

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  • Reason For Choosing Nursing School

    reasons for choosing Nursing, (B) why you selected Watts School of Nursing, (C) activities and experiences since last attending school if more than three (3) months have elapsed, (D) study strategies for academic success in nursing school, (E) support system to help balance personal, work, and academic obligations. (A) Reasons for Choosing Nursing When I originally started school I wanted to be a teacher. I loved kids so it seamed like a logical choice as a career. As I got to my junior year…

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  • Code Of Ethics In School Nursing Essay

    School nurses are often the first line of defense and a safety net for students who are feeling unsafe or uncomfortable. They can help create an environment that is safe and welcoming for students by building trusting relationships and keeping the lines of communication open. It is important to work with teachers, principals, and the whole school team to promote student health, well-being, and a positive school environment. A positive self-concept makes children feel likeable, worthwhile, and…

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  • Nursing School Admission Essay

    high, 128 mmHg; however, her diastolic blood pressure was normal, 82 mmHg. After giving the information back to the nurse, my clinical was over for the day. While this sounds like a typical situation in nursing school, it is actually my life in high school. Between my classes and volunteering positions, I spend twelve hours every week in a hospital…

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  • Reflection Paper On Nursing School

    Nursing school is a door that opens many great opportunities and experiences in life. Some of those experiences make you fall in love with nursing all over again and others test your limits. No matter the circumstances, one will always get something out of each experience. The Operating Room (OR) observational day provided to us during third semester is a good example of a great learning experience. Purpose As my day started on Thursday, I couldn’t help, but feel nervous. I remembered the time…

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  • Exam Time In Nursing School

    understand material and information being administered to us, and then recalling the information later. It is normal for me to experience increased stress when preparing for an exam, and taking one. My behavior, thinking, emotions, and overall body, experience great change during exam time and I use methods to help this change. During exam time I experience emotions such as fear, anger, and sadness. Not only does an exam test your knowledge, but the exam grade plays heavily into your class…

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