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  • Essay On Insomnia

    Insomnia is a disorder where one loses the ability to sleep. Individuals that suffer from insomnia find it very difficult to either fall asleep and/or stay asleep throughout the night. “The National Institute of Health estimates that roughly 30 percent of the general population complains of sleep disruption and approximately 10 percent have associated symptoms” (“What Is”. (n.d.) para. 5). Insomnia can affect people of all ages but is most commonly associated with adult females rather than adult males. Studies have also shown that insomnia is found in women with children rather than adults without children. Some symptoms of insomnia include difficulty falling or staying asleep, daytime fatigue or sleepiness, poor concentration, and increased errors or accidents. For many people, the symptoms of insomnia interfere with personal relations and job performance. Insomnia can be cured by medicines once diagnosed by a doctor, or behavioral and lifestyle changes depending on the person and/or severity of their disorder. There are multiple ways to describe insomnia. There is comorbid insomnia, onset insomnia, maintence insomnia, and the two most common types of nsomnia are acute insomnia and chronic insomnia.…

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  • What Is Insomnia?

    what was on the news that day this is one of the most common symptoms for insomnia. Sophia hasn’t not been to any doctor or taken any medication to help her fall asleep, although Sophia is only nine years-old she is one of 60 million people who suffer from a sleeping disorder. (Lamont, Renee T.) Sophia’s story is no different that other…

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  • Insomnia Research Papers

    life altering enemy, insomnia at some point during their life. According to the Sleep Management Institute, (2010) it has been “estimated 30%-50% of the general population is affected by insomnia, and 10% have chronic insomnia.” It is an unfortunate realization that insomnia affects females more frequently than men, and for those 60 years and older, it can pose an even greater danger to health, and rob the enjoyment of life. What can be done to fight this nagging enemy? Is treatment worse than…

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  • College Essay On Insomnia

    What is insomnia? Insomnia is a sleeping disorder that causes one to lose a substantial amount of sleep. It is also described as having extreme difficulties falling asleep and staying asleep. Some hypothesize that insomnia is an outcome of someone 's work schedule or lifestyle (National Alliance on Mental Health). Insomnia can affect a person in a variety of ways. A person can speculate that they are experiencing insomnia if the symptoms are prevalent. Some causes of insomnia are known,…

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  • Insomnia Informative Essay

    What is Insomnia? Insomnia is a sleeping disorder that causes one to lose a substantial amount of sleep. It is also described in the way that people not only lose sleep but just have trouble falling asleep. Some speculate that insomnia is an outcome of someone 's work schedule or lifestyle (National Alliance on Mental Health). There are a variety of causes to how insomnia can affect a person. You can speculate that you have insomnia if the symptoms are showing. People who have insomnia may…

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  • Insomnia Research Paper

    LaMarquis Huston Professor Latonnja Key 04 Decemeber 2017 Insomnia night in and night out As you are listening to me, I know everyone is not suffer from Insomnia but I still will like to inform you because many people suffer and are not even aware of it.Insomnia is a health condition that causes an inability to sleep. Do you ever just find yourself up all night, Or just waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to return to sleep? These simple questions can help you figure out if…

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  • Sleep And Insomnia Essay

    Reflection: Writing this paper was very challenging yet interesting as the brain mechanism behind sleep and insomnia is very complex. In order to better this complex mechanism, we first need to understand the two processes that regulate the sleep-wake cycle, the circadian rhythm controls alertness, wakefulness level and it is regulated by the internal biological or circadian clock. Indeed, the circadian clock controls how much melatonin the body makes. Melatonin is a hormone…

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  • Insomnia Persuasive Speech

    help prevent insomnia from fully setting in. Try applying these tricks shared by Telegraph Men to your bedtime routine to fall asleep faster and enjoy deeper shut-eye: Bring a hot water bottle to bed: This one may seem strange as you may have heard that we all sleep best in cooler temperatures. However, keeping your bedroom around 65 degrees Fahrenheit as well as placing a warm bottle near your feet. You’ll fall asleep faster as you help your core temperature drop more rapidly. Ban…

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  • Insomnia Sleep: Symptoms And Causes

    Insomnia Sleep is one of most important things a human needs.Sleep helps a persons body by relaxing and rejuvenating it. Without sleep a person experiences fatigue and depression. They also become forgetful, and it impairs their decision making. There are so many factors that can alter ones sleep and one of them is insomnia. Insomnia is a mental disorder that stops one from staying asleep or getting quality restorative sleep. About 40% of american adults suffer from Intermittent Insomnia…

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  • Insomnia And Stress Essay

    the same trouble going to sleep at night. Some doctors prescribe medication for this condition, saying it will help their patients get better sleep. But are these medications the right solution to sleeplessness? Many Americans suffer from Insomnia virtually their entire adult lives due to work overload,…

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