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  • The Negative Effects Of Sleeping Disorders

    Do you think that of sleep as a key essential to leading a long healthy life? Getting enough sleep is crucial in order for our body to function well and properly. Eight or more hours of sleep is needed in order for our body to feel replenished and healthy. For many, sleeping is not something that needs to be dwelled over, but for some, it is something like a task that they must convince their brain to do. Insomnia is a disorder that causes an individual problems with sleeping or staying asleep. This disorder produces many negative effects such as: obesity, depression, anxiety, mood swings and concentration problems. As a given, college students are bound to get a fair amount of school work to deal with throughout the school year. With exams and deadlines, stress and anxiety takes over which often leads to sleepless nights due to overthinking. Lack of sleep undermines a student’s ability to focus and do well in classes or in any type of work that requires full attention. College students have very inconsistent sleeping schedules due to different class times or for some work and or volunteer schedule; this sleep inconsistency will add to the strain on the body and would most likely cause sleepless nights. Insomnia harms the body both mentally and physically, diseases of the body and mind would develop hindering a student’s ability to do well with school work or life in general. Sleeplessness could even lead to suicidal thoughts and mental breakdowns due to the overwhelming…

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  • Dealing With Insomnia

    In today’s generations, people tend to get twenty percent less sleep than people did around one hundred years ago. Ninety percent of people who happen to deal with depression also end up dealing with insomnia. Safety on the roads is also diminishing because around one hundred thousand crashes occur due to drowsiness while behind the wheel. Out of those one hundred thousand crashes, there ends up being near fifteen hundred deaths. People should not have to worry about falling asleep at the wheel…

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  • Insomnia Research Papers

    Sleep is something all humans need to survive, yet many suffer from the chronic, life altering enemy, insomnia at some point during their life. According to the Sleep Management Institute, (2010) it has been “estimated 30%-50% of the general population is affected by insomnia, and 10% have chronic insomnia.” It is an unfortunate realization that insomnia affects females more frequently than men, and for those 60 years and older, it can pose an even greater danger to health, and rob the…

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  • Insomnia Sleep: Symptoms And Causes

    Insomnia Sleep is one of most important things a human needs.Sleep helps a persons body by relaxing and rejuvenating it. Without sleep a person experiences fatigue and depression. They also become forgetful, and it impairs their decision making. There are so many factors that can alter ones sleep and one of them is insomnia. Insomnia is a mental disorder that stops one from staying asleep or getting quality restorative sleep. About 40% of american adults suffer from Intermittent Insomnia…

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  • Hypnotic And Weak Elements In Music

    According to Goodall, “rhythm is the part of music that interacts most immediately and spontaneously with human bodies. Without it, music would be pleasant enough, but it would be brain food. With rhythm, music becomes hypnotic and sensuous.” A simple example that I can give is the rhythm of human heartbeat. Besides, from walking to dancing, from clicking fingers to tapping toes, it is the program to respond to rhythm. Generally, rhythm is the time element in music. It is an ordered recurrent…

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  • Essay On Hypnosis

    it should be understood that the condition is not the same hypnotic sleep. People who were sleeping unaware and unable to hear voices around him. While people in the hypnotic condition, while his body to rest (like sleep), he could still hear clearly and respond to information received Hypnosis has been studied scientifically for more than 200 years. Many clinical and experimental studies trying to determine what is most unique of hypnosis compared to other…

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  • Analysis Of On Warts By Thomas Lewis

    whether the healing response to hypnotic suggestions is due to increased immunity functions, more or less blood circulation, some unknown chemical action, or other internal processes. How the unconscious mind is able to prompt warts to disappear when conventional treatments fail is still not fully known. In his article, Goldstein argues that the more powerful the suggestion, while the patient is under hypnosis, the more likely the patient is to heal. Goldstein’s patient was able to visualize…

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  • Essay On Benefits Of Hypnosis

    showed hypnosis to have potentially strong healing properties, the treatment is quite underrated in the 21st century. The reality of hypnosis is that it is a scientific field of study, and has been thoroughly documented to provide physical, mental, and emotional healing for patients. Hypnosis is, in fact, a highly scientific and researched process that can enable real healing. During a hypnosis session, a trained hypnotist will guide the patient into a highly relaxed state of mind. While in a…

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  • The Best Poem In Annabel Lee By Edgar Allen Poe

    Searching through various different websites to find the ’best poem in the world’ was a very lengthy process, but I somehow always kept coming back to one poem in particular. This poem is called “Annabel Lee” and was written by Edgar Allen Poe in 1849, being the last poem he wrote before his death. I believe this is the best poem in the world because the story is easy to follow, the structure is unique, and the echoing effect of the poem is hypnotic. “Annabel Lee” has many clear examples of the…

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  • Patient Fall Incident Report

    looking for the new administration of opiates, hypertension, sedative or hypnotic medication which, can increase the patient risk of falling (Boenecke, Choi, Lawler, Ponatoski & Zimring, 2011). Then, I will consider the patient age since, increased age increases the patient risk for falling (Given et al., 2011). Finally, I will explain the plan to the patient care technician assigned to my patients because patient safety is our number one goal. One patient falls a month or one patient fall in…

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