Hypoactive sexual desire disorder

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  • Causes Of Frigidity

    Frigidity, also know as Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) is a term used to describe lack of or low sex drive in women. It is also avoidance of any to all sexual contact. The DSMIV-TR describes frigidity as “characterized by disturbance in sexual desire and in the psycho-physiological changes that characterize the sexual response cycle and cause marked distress and interpersonal difficulty.” [3A American Psychiatric Association, DSM-IV-TR.] Frigidity can happen to any woman at any age. An astounding 20% of women face or will face this disorder at some point in their life. If a woman suffers from low libido, it has the ability to induce several other problems such as stress and frustration. One of the biggest problems for women with…

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  • Sexual Self Critique

    Critique on Reclaiming Your Sexual Self Through an Empirical Perspective Many theories exist in trying to explain the reason for a woman’s lack of sexual desire, with various treatments that are being studied and suggested to revive one’s sexual desire. In Reclaiming Your Sexual Self: How You Can Bring Desire Back into Your Life, Hall uses a psychosocial approach to explain why one might lose their sexual desire and how they can reclaim it on their own. The focus of this paper will be to…

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  • Disguise In Twelfth Night Analysis

    She can see through other people's disguises or flaws, that not even they are able to spot. Some characters are deceived about their true nature. An example of this is that Orsino sees himself becoming "one self same king" of Olivia's "sweet perfections", fulfilling her sexual desire, thought and feeling ("liver, brain and heart"). He naively believes that he is in love with Olivia when he has never really spoken with…

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  • Orgasm Inc: Case Study

    medical information around the issue their product was marketed to resolve. The original issue, prompting the documentary in the first place, was that a disorder was created out of nowhere and the results of the misleading studies created a national demand for an unnecessary – and worse, ineffective – drug. In effect, the pharmaceutical company noted the results of a survey measuring women’s sexual satisfaction in their lives. The study interpreted an extremely wide range of normal sexual…

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  • Sexual Desire Effect

    The effect of sexual abuse on sexual functioning such as low sexual desire began to be noticed in the 1970’s. 80% of female CSA survivors admitted to sexual problems, including low sexual desire (Courtois, 1999). Since then, an abundance of studies on the effects of CSA on sexual desire have been done. Different studies included statistics on an inability to enjoy sex and lack of interest in having sex (McGuire & Wagner, 1978). It was also discovered that females were avoiding sexual…

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  • Non Monogamy Relationship

    Furthermore, the study found that relationships other than monogamous relationships are much more common and may be the preferred sexual relationship in humans. This study also concluded that most cultures are in fact non-monogamous (Schmitt, 2005). Consensual non-monogamous relationships in humans are typically classified in one of three categories: swinging (engaging in extradyadic sex with the other partner also in attendance), polyamory (engaging in romantic or sexual relationships with more…

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