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  • Theories Of Media Violence

    individuals were independent and did not socialized with others when they interacted with certain forms of media. The dangers of propaganda and other media messages causing people to act and think in certain ways came to light in this era (Butsch, 2014). The Hypodermic Needle Theory neglects to mention the impact of human agency on the views and effects of the media. The individuals are perceived to be passive because they do not question or oppose the messages and opinions that are presented through the media. If theorists were to study media violence, they would presume that the violent content would be directly translated into the individual’s actions. An example would be the current debate about violent videogames and aggressive behaviour (Ferguson, 2008). The media, politicians and lawmakers have often correlated violent videogames to current violent actions. As opposed, to identifying current aggressive behaviors in the context in which they take place. These claims are fitting with the Hypodermic Needle Theory since they neglect human agency and correlate the direct relationship between…

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  • Ordinary People In The Elevator

    elevator suddenly stops working and gets stuck. The time starts to pass and a conversation between them starts to ensue. McLuhan: ...It’s ironic really. The elevator: invented and designed to assist handicapped people, and make travelling between floors more efficient. Instead here we are: stuck in between the 7th and 8th floors, and if we wisely took the stairs we would have already been at our destination. Hall: Is this another rant about “technological determinism”, and how “the medium is the…

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  • Essay On Gender Roles In The Yellow Wallpaper

    This connotes the narrator and her story and the way that she is controlled by the traditions (‘patterns’) of society and that is why she is obeying her husband. Nevertheless, eventually these ‘patterns’ (traditions) begin to ‘move’ as the woman ‘shakes’ it which implants into the narrators subconscious the new idea that she too can escape, injecting a more ambitious attitude and that she too shake out of the holds of tradition within the gender power struggles (Hypodermic Needle…

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  • Hypodermic Needle Theory Communication Theory

    Hypodermic Needle Theory Hypodermic Needle Theory is a theory which happens between the media and the audience. Hypodermic Needle Theory is a communication theory which has effects on the audience. The messages which is wanted to convey by the mass media is being spreaded using the audience. The messages are directly being spread using the audience who responds or reacts to the mass media messages. They are passive audience. Obviously we all also do respond to the messages from the mass media. …

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  • The Cedar Project Case-Control Study

    practices. To do this, one must analyze previous prevention efforts that target individual level, community level, and structural or policy changes to learn what has been most successful in populations and locations similar to Aboriginal injection drug users (IDUs) in Saskatchewan. These studies are completed in a range of locations and with target populations that are comparable to Aboriginal IDUs in Saskatchewan. To target individuals, one must focus on individual knowledge, beliefs, attitudes…

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  • HIV/Hepatitis C Case Study Essay

    increased transmission occurring among injection drug users, primarily those under the age of thirty (Zibbell et al, 2015). Needle exchange programs have been used as a preventative strategy for reductions in HIV/Hepatitis C transmission among injection drug users. This case study will examine and compare three communities in regards to their practices, successes, and barriers to decreasing HIV/Hepatitis C transmission. Needle exchange is the process of providing clean needles in exchange for…

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  • Drug Abuse Essay

    being scarce, many resort to sharing needles in order to get high causing a spread in viral diseases and causing the government to spend countless amounts of money for their treatment. To circumvent the issue, the United States…

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  • Harm Reduction Essay

    Harm Reduction: Needle Exchange Programs (NEPs) What is harm reduction? Harm reduction is a set of practical strategies and ideas aimed at reducing negative consequences associated with drug use. Harm reduction is also a movement for social justice built on a belief in, and respect for, the rights of people who use drugs ("Principles of Harm Reduction"). Due to the harm that injecting drug use is causing on the spread of disease, we must have this needle exchange program to lower the odds of…

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  • Fine Needle Aspiration

    Utility of Fine Needle Aspiration in Diagnosing Breast lesions among Sudanese Females. A Cyto - Histological correlation. Aghapy E. Siddig, Emmanuel E. Siddig, Ali Edreis, Ahmed H. Fahal. Introduction: Dramatically, Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women worldwide, and is ranked second only to lung cancer as the leading cause of cancer deaths (Jemal et al., 2009). Although, the incidence of breast cancer in Sub-Saharan African counties is low compared that in developed…

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  • Persuasive Essay About Legalizing Drugs

    According to D.R. Blackmon notes ("Moral Deaths," June 1988), drug prohibition has helped propagate AIDS among intravenous drug users. Intravenous drug users inject heroin and other drugs with hypodermic needles, access to needles is restricted which means that users share needles. Diseases and STD’s are pass on for example, if a person using drugs has infected blood and some enters the needle as it is pulled out, the next user may shoot the infectious bacteria or virus directly into his or her…

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