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  • Equiano Rhetorical Analysis

    In the passage Equiano uses abstract terms such as bitterly, punished, displease, abandon, distress and violence to describe his state of confusion and betrayal. These words with negative connotations are not directed at Pascal who wronged him, but instead they are directed at himself and God. He believes that he has wronged God in some way, so he repents, “I therefore, with contrition of heart, acknowledged my transgression to God, and poured out my soul before him with unfeigned repentance” (Chapter 5). Equiano then utilizes words with more positive connotations such as, reflected, calmness, good, teach and wisdom to demonstrate the peacefulness and strength that he also finds in God. Although Equiano experiences an array of intense negative emotions, it is his belief that the Lord placed him there for his own good, so that he can in some way learn a lesson; that helps to demonstrate not only his strong faith but also his moral character. Through Equiano’s word choice, he is able to clearly illustrate his process of resignation to God’s will and humble himself to his…

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  • True Religion Brand Jeans Advertisement Analysis

    The motorcycle can be given both positive and negative connotations. Male models and figures, more often than females, are depicted driving motorcycle in television shows, advertisements, or photographs. Famous figures such as Steve McQueen, Marlon Brando, James Dean, and Clint Eastwood are known to be the “cool guys” or “bad boys” in society. In modern television shows, actors such as Norman Reedus, who portrays Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead, or Charlie Hunnman, who portrays Jackson Teller in…

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  • I Am A Teenage Werewolf By Jennifer Taken: Poem Analysis

    Intro: Almost every teenager goes through a phase of which they feel abandoned, dejected, and invisible. To me, this poem suggests the author may be writing about a teenage girl, although it could refer to either a girl or boy. In this poem, “I Am a Teenage Werewolf”, poet Jennifer Taken reveals the hidden depressive thoughts and feelings of many teenagers. Paragraph 1: Author, Jennifer Taken, compares a werewolf, vampire, and monster to a teenager who is depressed. Throughout this poem,…

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  • Reflective Essay On Unity In Diversity

    Unity in Diversity For a second I was not a teenager, not a female, not a friend of all, not a species. To simply put it, I was just a student eager to learn the mathematical discipline. I entered the O.Henry middle school classroom as sound introduced itself as a symphony of chatter and shuffling. I began to sit by the young male, his skin on the other side of the spectrum. He aggressively sighed. “I don’t sit by your kind” he scoffed. My mind ran at an accelerated pace as I rummaged in my…

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  • Analysis Of Letters Between John And Abigail Adams

    People will make rude remarks towards an object or an idea without even noticing. A name can represent and show the view points of a person. Many may claim these comments are harmless or without meaning but to a woman these comments could be offensive or harsh to hear. The inappropriate names that are used towards women by other people are female dog, or girls. A person who express themselves about women in this matter will show he or she lacks in an education and basic manners. The word female…

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  • The Consequences Of Pajama

    Pajama's are comfortable and should be able to be worn. It's not a distraction, they are just clothes. A lot of people get distracted easily and the school is just blaming it on what people wear. Also, girls can wear shirts that go down to the middle of their chests and not have anything said to them about it. When a girl has a little bit of their stomach exposed they are sent home to change or just yelled at. I know because this happened to me. That's just not right at all. The things that…

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  • Racial Racism In Telephone Conversation, By Wole Soyinka

    Soyinka criticises the racial attitudes of his society to ironically highlight the unjust treatment of black people. The poem features a telephone conversation between an African traveller looking for accommodation and a white landlady, whom, upon hearing that the traveller is black, refuses to lodge him a room. Soyinka constructs three key concepts which include the supposed superiority of the white population, the ignorance of white people and the format of a real telephone conversation.…

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  • Blackberry-Picking Poem Analysis

    spoiled and the children are disappointed because the expected them to be perfect and to always stay good. Structure is used to help communicate the idea that growing up is painful but unavoidable. The poem is written in two stanzas. The first stanza is used to communicate the idea that childhood is the best time of our lives, full of joy and enthusiasm. Stanza one has the felling of excitement for picking the berries. The children are oblivious to how the world really works and this is…

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  • Literary Devices In Rebecca, By Daphne Du Maurier

    This portion of the excerpt shows the progression of nature into Manderley. An illustration of literary techniques du Maurier uses is in lines 12-15, “The drive wound away in front of me, twisting and turning, as it had always done, but as I advanced I was aware that a change had come upon it; it was narrow and unkempt, not the drive we had known”. Here the narrator is on the path to Manderley, but the path is different from the one she recalls. The change to the setting in Manderley creates…

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  • Distraction In Language

    In my case, information isn’t meaningful anymore and is lost within mere minutes. Carr would agree that this is the case for many modern students. If we want to grasp the full meaning of our language not only on paper but also for the purpose we use it for daily, communicating with others, we have to understand how connotations work into modern language. A word like “God” is subjective to the person but that isn’t connotation because most people see “God” as the “good” and, another example,…

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