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  • Summary Of Matthew Restall's Seven Myths Of The Spanish Conquest

    One reason for this was the enforcement of Spanish rule, and the dependency the conquest had on the Native peoples; Restall explains that “Spanish settlers depended upon native communities to build and sustain their colonies with tribute, produce and labor” (128). Being a conquistador meant striving to receive an encomienda, “a grant of native tribute and labor” - and this was the ultimate form of slavery for the Indigenous peoples. Furthermore, the second reason for the exploitation of the very victims of the Conquest was the need for survival; as Restall writes, “[Native peoples] tenaciously sought ways to continue local ways of life and improve the quality of life even in the face of colonial changes and challenges” (129). While it was common for Native peoples to demonstrate extreme resistance to the Spaniards when immediately encountered, there were other kinds of defensive strategies. One type of defensive strategy was done through the adaptation of Spanish culture as a way to ‘cover’ and preserve their original…

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  • The Tutul Xiue: Why The Spanish Conquests

    were able to cut off the Spanish supply line to the coast and forced them to send for help as they barricaded themselves in the ruins of the ancient city of Chichén Itzá. Months passed, but no reinforcements came to the aid of the trapped Spaniards. Montejo the Younger attempted an all out assault against the Maya to break their siege and lost 150 of his few remaining forces. He was forced to abandon the city of Chichén Itzá under cover of darkness in 1534. By the year 1535, Montejo was…

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  • Compare And Contrast Cortes And Florentin Codex

    The letter from Cortes and the Florentine Codex both describe the same event but from different perspectives. In an essay of approximately 600 words, compare and contrast these two documents. You could examine the history portrayed in the documents, different perspectives, language, tone, etc. Be sure to quote directly from the text and cite appropriately. To begin with, the letter from Cortes and the Florentine Codex both are describing the same event. The only difference is the…

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  • Huitzilison's Song Of The Hummingbird By Graciela Limon

    In Song of the Hummingbird, the book describes the story of an indigenous woman named Huitzitzilin who explains her story to a Spanish monk. The Spanish monk finds her story to be fascinating because it is not what he was taught back in Spain. He sympathizes with her and begins to see the conquest through her perspective. She details the events that her people endured at the hands of Cortes and his Spanish conquerors. The text is organized by chapters as Huitzitzilin reiterates her story to…

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  • 18th Century Conquistadors

    Conquistadors were explorers of the Spanish Empire. From the 15th century to the 18th century conquistadors traveled across Europe to the Americas, Asia and much of Africa. They colonized much of the world for Europe in the 16th - 18th centuries. After Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas in 1492 and the first circumnavigation of the world by Juan Sebastian Elcano and Ferdinand Magellan in 1521, expeditions led by conquistadors in the 16th century established trading routes linking…

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  • Essay On The Spanish Conquistadors

    Contrary to what the infamous Black Legend says, the Spanish conquistadors were not reckless murderers without direction. They had a purpose: colonization. They needed to employ these vicious tactics in order to efficiently fulfill this purpose. The Spanish conquistadors were trailblazers in the most literal sense of the term; for instance, explorer Hernando de Soto and his soldiers tortured, raped, enslaved, and killed countless Indians, destroying almost everything in their path (Mann 6).…

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  • Negative Effects Of Conquistadors

    Positives were the food exchange leading to ⅗’s of crops around the world originating from the americas and new food and animals were brought to the New World. Explorers also found gold and silver in the new world. The conquistadors were far from great men. Unless your definition of a great man is one who invades civilizations, sparking the genocide of million all after his lust for gold then yes they were. The conquistadors ' motives successfully fulfilled since they gained new territory for…

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  • The Downfall Of The Spanish Conquistadors

    already leading to the culmination of their demise even before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors. The ever so-popular ‘tradition’ of human sacrifice with Mesoamerican civilizations due to religion was one of the many catalysts of their downfall. As the sacrifices rose in an alarming rate, friendships were tested, allegiances were made and trust is re-discovered and lost. The arrival of the Spanish conquistadors led by Hernan Cortes…

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  • World Trade Conquistadors

    Imagine how different everything would be if the conquistadors had decided to set up trade with the inhabitants of the new world. But to lead up to this, a series of events had to occur after one other that leads to the age of exploration. World trade of the 15th century centered around the calm Indian Ocean, Europe being far away. Gold came from West Africa while silks came from East Asia. Genoa and Venice were the big trade empires connected to the reaches of the East. This fell apart when the…

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  • Spanish Conquistador Research Paper

    The Spanish conquistadors between the 15th and 16th century aimed to gain magisterial appreciation from king Ferdinand and queen Isabella. They aimed to do this through a display of talents as well as the conversion of idolaters that they happened to find. The conquistadors’ apparent loyalty to the crown was a guise in which the conquistadors used to make themselves the benefactors of their discovery of the Indies. To begin with, the conquistadors who participated in the Spanish conquest…

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