Conservation reliant species

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  • Conservation Biology Personal Statement

    To put it another way, a student can major in conservation biology and become a ‘conservation biologist,’ but this term also includes other specializations and careers, such as conservation ecology, in which conservation is the main emphasis. In nearly all conservation biology research and restoration projects, the goal is to protect the environment while educating and assisting local people who are affected by poor environmental conditions and unsustainable living practices. Although I do not yet know which career specialization I want to pursue, I do know that I want to develop solutions through research that are beneficial for both endangered species and communities living in threatened…

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  • Manatee Personal Statement Sample

    Personal Statement: I strapped on my waders and began walking toward a manatee carcass. A Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) marine mammal biologist proceeded to instruct me on how to perform my first field necropsy. Through this research experience I got to understand the internal anatomy of a manatee, outside of textbooks. Therefore, research allows me the opportunity to tangibly investigate my curiosity. The manatee has always sparked my curiosity because humans are their…

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  • Essay On Piaget Observation

    The purpose of this observation is to prove if the concept of conservation is different for age groups of children described in the textbook Infants and Children by Laura Berk. Background Information I am observing my subject in the cognitive domain and will be focusing on conservation. The theorist that studied conservation is named Piaget. Piaget is a theorist that studies children development. Piaget believed that children are explores and needs to explore their surroundings by…

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  • Game Wardens Essay

    themselves from anything that get in their way. Most important, a game warden must have good prior experience with fishing, hunting and boating because it becomes very beneficial. There are 5 different divisions throughout the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources are they go as follows, land, water, conservation division, law enforcement division, marine resource division, outreach and support services division, and finally last but not least, wildlife and freshwater…

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  • Northern Spotted Owl Case Study

    As the US Fish and wildlife Service Manager my responsibility is two fold: conserve and recover species listed as threatened and endangered and… In 1990 the Northern Spotted Owl was listed as a threatened under the Endangered Species Act. Since then the rate of loss of habitat has declined. Even so valuable old growth forest is lost to the spotted owls. Previously the decline of the spotted owl population has been attributed to timber harvesting. However, recently the expansion of the Barred…

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  • How Did Gifford Pinchot Conserve Environment

    environment is extremely valuable, once it is ruined, it will be very hard to repair and recover. In some cases, it would be impossible to turn back around. Once it happens the Earth would be stuck like that forever, or at least until the end of time. People like Gifford Pinchot, John Muir, Theodore Roosevelt, and Woodrow Wilson saw this, and they decided to do something about it. “It is ours to use and conserve for ourselves and our descendants, or to destroy” (Pinchot, 1). Pinchot knew…

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  • Conservation Geographies: Nonequilibrium Landscapes And Nature Society Hybrids

    international conservation agencies (Zimmerer, 2000). These stake holders play a role in the arrangement and management of resources. During the process of making arrangements and managing resources there may be shortcomings that arise. This assignment will discuss some of these shortcomings. Following, this assignment will discuss how the article The Reworking of Conservation Geographies: Nonequilibrium Landscapes and Nature-Society Hybrids by Karl S. Zimmerer discussed property rights…

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  • Piaget's Theory Of Conservation In Child Development

    According to Piaget’s theory in child development, conservation is the understanding that something stays the same in quantity even though its appearance changes. To be more technical, conservation is the ability to understand that redistributing material does not affect its mass, number, volume or length. In cognitive psychology, the principle that properties of substance such as weight and mass remain the same (are conserved) when superficial characteristics such as their shapes or arrangement…

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  • Riparian Zone

    Both microhabitat and macrohabitat characteristics were observed and analyzed. To understand how forested buffers affect microhabitat, Kelly explains that leaf litter from trees are the basis of the soil and substrate of the forest buffer floor. Macroinvertebrates, generally insects, depend on the leaf litter as a food source and decompose it. The insects then feed the fish, and other wildlife in turn eat the fish. Reforestation also provides a food source and shelter for wildlife species…

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  • Butterfly Unhealthy

    Butterflies, like many insects across the UK have undeniable importance to the ecosystem. Maintaining butterfly populations has become a priority across the globe as anthropogenic activities increase to threaten butterfly species. One such species under threat in the UK is the Duke of Burgundy. Decline in flagship species over recent years has led to a review of the biodiversity action plans and the importance they have across the globe. This POSTnote examines the risks of butterfly decline for…

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