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  • Disorder And Progress: Bandits, Police, And Mexican Development By Paul J.

    In his book Disorder and Progress: Bandits, Police, and Mexican Development, Paul J. Vanderwood discusses the Rural Police, also known as Rurales, of Mexico. Vanderwood traces the conception of the Mexican police force to the presidency of Benito Juárez’s. Likewise, Vanderwood explains Juárez’s motives behind the creation of the police force, despite Juárez’s liberal ideology and faith in federalism. Vanderwood also discusses the transformation of the Mexican police force during Porfirio Díaz’s dictatorship. Disorder and Progress emphasizes the roles of disorder and order in Mexico during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Vanderwood’s emphasis on the roles of disorder and order helps to illuminate how Mexican leaders, especially Díaz, exploited the rural police force for political gain. To add, the focus on disorder and order manifest the role that the Rurales played in the modernization of Mexico. After all, the Rurales played a vital role in creating the illusion of stability, which in turn encouraged foreign investment in Mexico. Noticeably, the roles of the Rurales were altered depending on who the leader of Mexico was and what the motives of that leader were. The Rural Police Force in Mexico was established on May 6, 1861 during Benito Juárez’s presidency. Juárez formed the Rural Police force in order to centralize the government’s power. During this time, political disorder was prevalent. According to Vanderwood, Juárez and the Liberals began to “despise chaos…

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  • The Importance Of Civilian Control Of The Military

    Like Huntington, Janowitz focuses on the officer corps and the concept of professionalism. Janowitz proclaims a more pragmatic approach. He contends that politicization of the military is unavoidable in respect of the Soviet threat because of international and domestic politics. Furthermore, he postulates, that in the nuclear age the military must be able to provide strategic deterrence and be prepared for a limited war. This is Janowitz concept of the constabulary force: "the military…

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  • The Importance Of The Police Force In The Netherland

    Throughout the Netherlands this regional police officers are known for having many different units so they cover a lot of ground in patrolling their country. “Thirdly the next police force is called National Constabulary which is known as the KLPD” (2014). “This force has many duties which proceed as a national crime squad, special investigative, special intervention, and etc.” (n.p., 2014). “The KLP focuses on road issues; waterways, railways, and terrorism units are applied due to active…

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  • Community Policing Model (CSEW)

    Introduction The Office for National Statistics stated on 9th May 2013 that The CSEW shows a clear pattern of change over the last 30 years and that incidents of crime are now 53% lower than they were in 1995. The statistics from the Crime Survey for England and Wales 2013 show us that despite the current level of funding cuts from central government, the police service are continuing to tackle crime and partner agencies are supporting the trend for reduced reoffending. Within the Cumbria…

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  • Junot Diaz's The Brief Wondrous Life Of Oscar Wao

    powerful that he could wish a family to suffer and they would. The dictator of a weak Dominican Republic, mass murderer, and god like leader. Nevertheless, it could be said that he worked for this, and earned the power, as cruel as he might have been. Because of this he became a very important character to Junot Diaz’s book ‘’The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao,’’ and to comprehend the novel better we need to get a better understanding of it. First we have to look at what brought him to become…

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  • Royal Malaysia Police Case Study

    Before Royal Malaysia Police were introduced, a police force has been existed since Malacca Sultanate which known as Temenggung and Hulubalang, or royal warriors in order to build jails, arrest criminals and implement sentences. The police force establishment has no exact time because its services were very important back then. Only on 24th July 1958, the King of Malaysia (Tunku Abdul Rahman Ibni al-Marhum Tuanku Muhammad) bestowed the title Royal to the Malayan Federation of Malayan Police…

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  • Criminal Justice System In India

    people that are in the prisons as well as there being limited space for beds and limited beds for sleeping on. There is also a severe lack of medical attention for many of the prisoners as there is a lack of medical personnel for the number of prisoners that are overcrowding many of the prisons. Overall the prisons are nor seen as terribly I disrepair as they are often adequate per human rights standards. The only problem being the overcrowding which has caused the other problems previously…

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  • Eli Hunt: A Short Story

    It hadn’t been easy coming back to London, especially after poor Eli had sold his house to Marcus Henwood in exchange for our passage to America. Still, Eli was a likeable chap, and it hadn’t taken him too long to relight old fires, and shore up friendships with forgotten acquaintances. Since we had left England, the police force had been expanding. Years earlier, Eli had started out as a sort of retriever of criminals, for lack of a better term. Perhaps bounty hunter would be more appropriate?…

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  • Essay On My Life Is Not A Bed Of Roses

    But alas! He went straight to a sweet-seller and threw me at his shop. The sweet-seller knocked my head against the ground. I had learnt the lesson that life is not a bed of roses. It is really full of dangers, difficulties and disappointments. To cut a long story short, I have been leading a free, vagrant life. I have been with old and young, rich and poor, men, women and children. I have been with doctors and cobblers, cycle-merchants and lawyers, students and company managers. It is…

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  • The Characteristics Of Edgar Allan Poe's Creative Story

    the Frenchman, C. Auguste Dupin, “The Murders in the Rue Morgue,” “The Mystery of Marie Roget,” and “The Purloined Letter,” Poe’s creative story components were innovative and added entirely new elements to fiction writing. Many of the story features that he devised are now widely used in other well-known fictional detective tales, says critic E.F. Bleiter, “Poe not only improved on such elements as he borrowed, but with his remarkable structural sense worked out a viable form that served as a…

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