Game Wardens Essay

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Game Wardens seems to be an interesting job to have. There responsibilities and duties require them to understand and regulate state and federal wildlife codes and laws. And they need to make sure they are enforcing them properly. Game Wardens main priority is just like any other law enforcement officer, and that is to keep everyone safe, including their self. They are responsible for carrying out search warrants and properly taking action when needed. Many game wardens do not like to admit they do not like other law enforcement but it is true, but when tragedy presents itself, they do work well with other federal and state law enforcement officials. Game Wardens are also responsible for creating different laws and regions. But most importantly …show more content…
They also have first aid and emergency training, and maintain and stay proficient in firearm safety. They must go through basic training, on top of an obstacle course, written exam, physical test, 150 pound drag, swimming test. The hiring process is just like any other job, they must pass the school, receive and excel in the interviewing process, pass a written exam, another physical exam, and if they make it, they have to interview with the colonel deputy director of law enforcement. Also, required is a background check, drug testing and even a psychological test. To excel in this career, one must be able to walk through any conditions for a long period of time. Must navigate along in the daylight or darkness. They must be able to tolerate any certain type of weather and insects. In the state of South Carolina they are many different types of animals one must keep an eye out for and they include, snakes, hogs, spiders and alligators. One must be familiar with surroundings, have a good sense of directions and attention to detail. It is important to be skilled in reading maps and operating all certain types of vehicles, and lastly most be able to defend themselves from anything that get in their way. Most important, a game warden must have good prior experience with fishing, hunting and boating because it becomes very

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