Conspiracy theory

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  • Conspiracy Theories Of The Illuminati Conspiracy

    enticing, yet fearful conspiracy theory around the world. I am going to discuss one of the most popular conspiracy theories of the 21st century regarding The Illuminati, or The New World Order, which is that globally known musician Beyoncé is a member of the Illuminati. This conspiracy theory is illogical because it incorporates conformation bias of conspiracy theorist, as well as lacks sound proof that Beyoncé’s career and family are influenced…

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  • Conspiracy Theory

    for a circumstance or event is known as a conspiracy theory. (Oxford Dictionary) In other words, conspiracy theories try to deny facts that many believe are the truth. To understand more about conspiracy theories, it is necessary to get familiar with five of the most widely believed conspiracy theories, which include the Iraq War conspiracy, the Princess Diana conspiracy, the 9/11 conspiracy, the Pearl Harbor conspiracy, and the Moon Landing conspiracy. In the 21st century, many happenings can…

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  • Essay On Conspiracy Theory

    Not only did Americans distrust their government but they also resented it, which laid the ground for the reemergence of conspiracy theories. While many historians agree that conspiracy theory is a vital feature of modern society that merits attention, there is an ongoing dispute, among historians, about how best to study conspiracy theory. Recent historians approach the topic based on the historic event. While other historians undertake the more subtle challenge of looking at what conspiracy…

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  • The Bilderberg Group Conspiracy Theories

    is suspicious. Because of thI think everyone should know and understand what is the Bilderberg Group, their biggest conspiracy theories, and what they have planned for our future. The Bilderberg Group is one of the most exclusive organizations made up the world's best and most powerful bankers, businessmen, and politicians in the world. They meet once a year to discuss and make decisions about the formal issues around the world. The group was created by Denis Healey,…

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  • Conspiracy Theory Research Paper

    Conspiracy theories alter the perceptions of many people by shifting their previously held beliefs of reality to “unthinkable” underlying debatable truths. With modern day technology advances exposing us to an endless amount of news, stories, and theories, people are surrounded with false information that can be absorbed and believed by influence and repetition. Without even trying, they are fed this plethora of information that no one really knows the accuracy behind. Conspiracy theories are…

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  • Why People Believe In Conspiracy Theories

    People who believe in conspiracy theories convince themselves that a group is trying to plot a devious act, or has executed a devious act, mainly aiming towards influencing mass media and politics. But how do people come up with these theories and why are some conspiracy theories so believable? Psychology gives a deeper explanation of these theories and the reasons why people believe in them. According to psychologists, people who believe in conspiracies feel like they don’t have a control in…

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  • Shakespeare Conspiracy Theory Essay

    Shakespeare is a curious character as he has a variety of conspiracies surrounding his authorship, he has the government believing one thing and the rest of the world believing another, he is still a topic of debate after 400 years while others do not make it 100 years, and his conspiracy theory started in a very undramatic way. If the facts are examined surrounding Shakespeare’s authorship, there is only one clear answer. There is no need to consider this a conspiracy theory. The only reason it…

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  • How Did Marilyn Monroe Commit Suicide

    there are many conspiracy theories surrounding her death and many people who believe that Monroe did not commit suicide but accidently overdosed or was murdered. Despite these popular conspiracy theories, Marilyn Monroe did commit suicide. It is evident that Marilyn Monroe committed suicide because of her long history of mental health problems, the outcome of a professional investigation, and other clear evidence. Marilyn Monroe was a well-known American actress and model famous for…

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  • David Ickes And Brilderberg Analysis

    Though all of the theories are interesting, isn’t it all just a bit too unrealistic? Sure there is some truth in the history of such a group existing at one point centuries ago, it is hard to believe that what we know of as facts about them hasn’t been tampered and tweaked. How can we take these assumptions and ideas seriously? Paranoia can be very debilitating, when minor and , believing that there are people or a species that is ruling us and has so much power in our insignificant actions can…

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  • Sandy Hook Shooting Theory

    Unfortunately there is several conspiracies surrounding the Sandy Hook shooting. The one that seemed to be the biggest theories is the government and Obama with the help of the “New World Order” and or the “Illuminati” put this in place to help them get the second amendment revoked from the constitution. It just so happened to take place in the middle of national disputes about gun control. Another, theory that has a large following is that they government has been planning this for years. They…

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