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  • 9/11 Conspiracy Theory Analysis

    due to the efforts of Seal Team Six and the Special Operations Group of the Central Intelligence Agency. However, talk about 9/11 did not stop there. Countless conspiracy theories presented themselves to the public. Brookfield’s framework can critically evaluate this belief about the 9/11 attacks. Identifying this assumption is that conspiracy theorists assert that explosives were placed in the buildings prior to the airplane crashes. To corroborate this statement, people such as architect…

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  • Marilyn Monroe Conspiracy Theory Essay

    Monroe and the Conspiracies of her death On August 5, 1962, Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her Los Angeles home. She was found by her house keeper lying in her bed, next to her was discovered an empty pill bottle. The verdict was officially ruled as a drug overdose. Although, there is much speculation about this case. She was only thirty-six at the time and had a lot going on for her which lead many believe there was something wrong. This is where all of the conspiracy theories come in. The…

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  • Osama Bin Laden Conspiracy Theory

    Laden marked a milestone in the War on Terror, but what really happened in this legendary event? The truth isn’t always an easy story to tell, which may be why this event sparked so many conspiracy theories as to what really happened with Bin Laden. We can’t tell you if there is and verisimilitude to these theories, but they sure are entertaining to read! Number Eight: It Wasn’t Osama Bin Laden Come on now guys, they did a DNA test. Although, we didn’t physically hold the results of that test,…

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  • Summary Of Kurt Cobain's Conspiracy Theory

    "A conspiracy theory, Uscinski and Parent explain, is defined by four characteristics: “(1) a group (2) acting in secret (3) to alter institutions, usurp power, hide truth, or gain utility (4) at the expense of the common good”" (Shermer). There are multiple aspects of a conspiracy theory explained in the quote above but the most intriguing one is about people hiding the truth and gaining utility. Take for example the tragedy of Kurt Cobain and how his wife may have hired someone to kill him.…

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  • Conspiracy Theory: The Assassination Of Adolf Hitler

    Assassination of Adolf Hitler 1. My topic, plots to assassinate Adolf Hitler , is an example of a conspiracy theory. 2. Context: Adolf Hitler is known in history as a very corrupt individual. He was the leader of the national socialist german workers party, also known as the nazi party. Growing up Adolf Hitler had a very rough life and began reading into german nationalism as this sparked the many results to come of it. As a young child Adolf hitler had always been the shy sensitive type and…

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  • Conspiracy Theories Of Abraham Lincoln's Assassination

    president, Andrew Johnson, had teamed up with John Wilkes Booth to create a plan to kill Lincoln. Booth was said to have stopped by Johnson’s hotel, leaving a note asking if he was home, on the afternoon of the planned assassination (A Vice Presidential Conspiracy), which was very suspicious. The odds of a vice president plotting to kill the president, so they (the vice president) could take their place, is very high. Even Mary Todd Lincoln believed that Johnson was involved also. She had…

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  • Marilyn Monroe's Conspiracy Theory Essay

    Marilyn Monroe faced tragic death from a barbiturate overdose at age 36. Her death is full of conspiracy theories and problematic questions. It is believed that she was having an affair with President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert F. Kennedy resulting in the theory of their hands being involved in her death. Her death was ruled a probable suicide, but media has been trying to uncover other theories behind it for over 50 years . Monre was a wealthy women women and seemed happy with her…

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  • Conspiracy Theories Of Osama Bin Laden

    all of Americans. It was so saddening to see how thousands of our brothers and sisters died in a horrible accident that occurred inside the pentagon, twin towers, and also the plane of flights 93 and flight 77. Many people believe many different conspiracies and no one knows for sure what the actual truth is. 9/11 has marked a spot in our lives forever and will never be forgotten. It shows that our country can come back from anything. It is a tragedy but we all came together as a country and…

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  • Case Study: Shane Dawson Conspiracy Theories

    Study: Shane Dawson Conspiracy Theories The genre for this study is conspiracy videos. Conspiracy videos are based mainly on theories. Conspiracy theories are an explanation of an event or situation that creates an unjustified conspiracy, generally, one involving an illegal or damaging act carried out by the government or other powerful figures. These theories can range from simple things such as the way something was once pronounced, to the cause of world tragedies. Conspiracy theories often…

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  • Conspiracy Theory: Lizard People Running The World

    November 9, 2017 Lizard People Running the World How lizard people or Reptilians are running the world. A conspiracy theory is a belief that some influential organization or group of beings is responsible for an event or circumstance. Theorists all over the world come up with other reasons or explanations as to why an event happened or what is going to happen. Believing in conspiracies is a technique that average or below average people use to reign or gain a sense of control. They are…

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