Conspiracy theory

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  • Sandy Hook Shooting Theory

    Unfortunately there is several conspiracies surrounding the Sandy Hook shooting. The one that seemed to be the biggest theories is the government and Obama with the help of the “New World Order” and or the “Illuminati” put this in place to help them get the second amendment revoked from the constitution. It just so happened to take place in the middle of national disputes about gun control. Another, theory that has a large following is that they government has been planning…

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  • Yankee Tavern Play Analysis

    The play, Yankee Tavern, by Steven Dietz, published by Dramatists Play Service Inc, was unquestionably some food for thought. All throughout the storyline, numerous conspiracies ranging from starbucks being a cult in a cup to man landing on the moon were woven between the four main characters, Adam, Janet, Ray and Palmer. That being said, perhaps the most prominent of all, were the one’s related to the terrorist attack on the United States on September 11, 2001. Needless to say, that was…

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  • Speech On 9/11 Conspiracy

    morning/afternoon Ms. Bozzelli and fellow classmates today I will be talking to you about conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theories are theories that are made by people with evidence backing it up. A lot of conspiracy theories are about the U.S. government hiding things from us. I will be talking to you about 9/11, Area 51, and first the moon landing. I will also be talking to you about mandela effects. The first conspiracy theory is the attacks on 9/11 being planned by the US government. Some…

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  • Leo Tanguma's In Peace And Harmony With Nature

    child who died at Auschwitz (Blaskiewicz). These murals are open to interpretation, but a quote from a child who died in a concentration camp seems a little out inappropriate to be placed in an airport. Now these murals may not be enough to spark a conspiracy, the are truly very interesting art pieces to be put in an airport. Upon analyzing the paintings, some theorists claim that there is an…

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  • Stranger Things

    Bearing elements reminiscent of the MK-Ultra Cold War experiments and other government conspiracy theories, the series finds a foothold in uncertainty and mystery. The storyline will be vaguely familiar to many, with its science-fiction roots obviously identifiable in most films produced around the 1980s, a source that producers Ross and Matt Duffer…

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  • 9/11 In Thomas Pynchon's Bleeding Edge

    Among citizens of the United States, few, if any, are unaware of what occurred on September 11 in the year 2001. Nor would many regard themselves as oblivious of at least one of the multitude of conspiracy theories following the so-dubbed 9/11 attacks. As a well-established dabbler in the twists and turns of secret histories, it came as no surprise that writer Thomas Pynchon took to creating an alternate timeline for the event in his postmodern detective novel Bleeding Edge. Yet the matter in…

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  • The Boston Marathon Bombing Analysis

    Hook, and Aurora Shooting. Joe has been writing stories that require critical thing for Scott.nett for over 10 years. Many people like Joe would argue the fact that the victims were not actors at all. For example, Joe believes that in order for this theory to be correct, Jeff must have already been without legs. The problem with that is “if Jeff Bauman was, as is claimed, an ‘actor’ who was already an amputee and was fitted with the bony prosthetics immediately after the bombing, how do we…

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  • Gemini: Government Conspiracy

    Title Gemini Brief Twins find themselves on opposing sides of an alien run government conspiracy that threatens to change humanity. While one brother carries out their plans and rises to the presidency, the other wages a war to stop him before it 's too late. Pitch Gemini is a proposed 1-hour sci-fi drama series that is the embodiment of political conspiracy theories with the heart of a superhero epic and the soul of a Shakespearean tragedy. Think of it as a hybrid mixture of X-Files and V for…

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  • Conspiracy Theories In Hollywood

    Thesis: Conspiracy theories revolve around Hollywood because our society is obsessed with fortune and fame, people want to relate to famous personalities, and it gives people an opportunity to make sense of the unexplainable. For this research paper, I decided to report on conspiracy theories as they relate to the world of fame. As a thought process, conspiracy theories sparked an interest in me. The mystery that surrounds unusual events is something most of us wonder about. The idea of…

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  • Jfk Conspiracy Theories

    The role of “conspiracy theories” in the debate on the assassination of John F. Kennedy has influenced the debate immensely. The role of “conspiracy theories” in the debate on the assassination can bee seen in the fact that a vast majority of writings on the assassination of JFK focus on either proving or disproving the many “conspiracy theories” and the “conspiracy theories” themselves. To understand the full picture it is important to grasp an idea of the status quo during the time between the…

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