The Bilderberg Group Conspiracy Theories

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The Bilderberg Group Do you ever wonder about the government? How does it work? What plans are they conspiring that we don’t know about? What if I told you we have a second government. The Bilderberg, also known as our second government, is powerful yet secretive group that makes some of the biggest decisions in american history. Though the group does not seem so bad from the outside, their enigmatic actions regarding anything about the group is suspicious. Because of thI think everyone should know and understand what is the Bilderberg Group, their biggest conspiracy theories, and what they have planned for our future.
The Bilderberg Group is one of the most exclusive organizations made up the world's best and most powerful bankers, businessmen, and politicians in the world. They meet once a year to discuss and make decisions about the formal issues around the world. The group was created by Denis Healey,
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Therefore, many conspiracy theories have been made about the Bilderberg Group, some dating back as far as 1964. The spectrum of theories range from capitalist domination to world government and a planned economy. Some of the more extreme cases were those who accused the group of planning terrorist attacks, like 9/11. These extreme accusations were brought upon the association when “terrorist” was found to be one of their topics on their annual list in 2001. Thus, many conspiracy theorist looked into the situation, and found what they believe was plan to kill two birds with one stone. While taking out the Twin Towers, which were described as a “future economic threat”, it gave the government stable and reliable reason to take what was at the time a “potential threat”. Though some of these philosophies seem hard to believe, many people to this day stand firmly behind these and other conspiracy theories about the Bilderberg

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