Conspiracy theory

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  • Examples Of Conspiracy Theories

    public would freak out about, These coverups are called conspiracy theories. It's extremely disturbing that the government would cover up so much to keep a calm public image. A popular theory among the conspiracy theorist is the chemtrail theory. Keeping it general, it’s a huge government cover up about what the planes in the sky are really spraying. The hidden agenda behind the increase in airplanes and strange flight patterns is a conspiracy worth looking into. Starting in the late 1900s…

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  • Summary Of Conspiracy Theory

    believe in conspiracy theories with their literature Conspiracy Theories and the Paranoid Style of Mass Opinion. The original hypothesis of Oliver and Wood (2004) was that conspiracism has less to do with political knowledge and more to do with your believe system. Several variable must be controlled in order to provide conclusive results. In this 2004 study by Oliver and Wood, they take the time to directly identify how they will determine if someone believes or disagrees with a conspiracy.…

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  • The Freemasons: A Conspiracy Theory

    The Free Masons: Fact or Theory Are the Freemasons a conspiracy theory? What did the Freemasons do? The group called the freemasons is an organization that is like a sorority for women. (January 2, 2013) The Freemasons is not a conspiracy theory. The freemasons are a very vast organization that will be learned about in this paper if you are willing to open your mind and let everything go and just read and learn. Morality, equality, and service to God; what do these all have in common. Well…

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  • Bigfoot Conspiracy Theory

    A conspiracy theory is a belief that some convert but influential organization is responsible for a circumstance or event. Whether you believe in bigfoot or not, there is a large amount proving his existence. Bigfoot is real because, there are numerous sightings and lots of footprints. Bigfoot is incredibly good at hiding, which is why it is so hard to find bigfoot. They are commonly mistaken as a bear and other common creatures instead of bigfoot. Nearly one-third of Americans believe in…

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  • Hitler's Conspiracy Theory

    Hitler might o majority view that Adolf Hitler committed suicide In his Fuhrerbunker on April 30, 1945 most of these theories hold that Hitler and his wife survived and escaped the city of Berlin. this conspiracy theory was questioned, but according to the New york times dated 26th April 1945, “hitler imitator reported ready to die in his place. Rumors said that Hitler escaped to Argentina with news of sightedness of German U boats off the Argentine coast. adolf Hitler committed…

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  • Debunking The 9/11 Myths Summary

    Report” and “The Conspiracy Industry: Afterword to PM Expanded Investigation” are two articles both written for the Popular Mechanics magazine by James B. Meigs, the latter being written in 2006, one year after the former. “Debunking the 9/11 Myths: Special Report” is an in-depth analysis of conspiracy theories surrounding the 9/11 attacks and the factual evidence that refutes these theories. “The Afterword” is a reflective piece that describes the uprising of the conspiracy theory community…

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  • Princess Dia Conspiracy Theory

    On May 1999, former M16 agent, Richard Tomlinson, claimed that M16 was a part of this alleged conspiracy and suggested that the intelligence agency had documentation surrounding this. He further uphold his claims, he alleged that Diana’s death was similar to M16 plans that he had observed in 1992 which were intended for the assassination of then President…

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  • Earhart Conspiracy Theory

    Secondly, another deeply credited theory is the belief that Earhart and co-pilot Noonan were ‘Nikumaroro Castaway’s.’ It is speculated both pilots touched down on a remote South Pacific Island called Nikumaroro – now commonly known as Gardner Island. The belief stands that the Electra was running low on fuel implementing fear within the pilots as they began searching for a safe destination to refuel (Howland Island.) Unintentionally, the flight path veered towards the Southwest and they landed…

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  • 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

    Today the conspiracy theories are prevalent however what conspiracy theories are? Conspiracy theories are statements that make peculiar interpretations of historical or contemporary events, often implying an open analysis of events as deliberate deception. Conspiracy theories usually lack evidence, and absurd logic is the basis of many rumors. So conspiracy theories were created by suspicion. In the mode world, conspiracy theories are everywhere for instance on September 11, 2001, when…

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  • Adolf Hitler's Conspiracy Theory

    II. The article attempts to highlight these issues and the facts behind this well-known conspiracy theory with official documents from the FBI. The anonymous writer tries to employ many rhetorical strategies such as ethos and logos, to convince his audience that Adolf Hitler escaped to Argentina with help from the FBI. In the writer's attempt to use an abundance of evidence to justify his conspiracy theory many inconsistencies and logical faults were created.…

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