Conspiracy Essay On Moon Landing Conspiracy

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Robert Reed
Kelly Franklin
5 Feb. 2016
Composition II

Conspiracy Theories and the Moon landing

The definition of conspiracy is a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful. Conspiracy theories have been around for a very long time. Theories range from the faking of 9/11 to the world is run by a group of reptilian Illuminati. Somehow there are always people believing in them. Why do people believe in conspiracies? There is actually a lot more to it than the average person would think. A New pair of new studies that were published in the journal Applied Cognitive Psychology, conspiracy theorists all feel a lack of control surrounding their lives. Conspiracy theories often develop during times of fear or uncertainty, such as
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The theory states that the U.S. government were incredibly desperate to defeat the Russians in the space race, so they staged the lunar landings, along with Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin acting out their mission on a secret film set, located either high in the Hollywood Hills or deep within Area 51. Many different articles and websites claim that the Moon landing was a hoax. Enki Village’s article Moon Landing Hoax gives the top 10 reasons to believe that it was actually staged. The number one reason for the article is that the flag waves back and forth as if there was some sort of wind or breeze, but there is no breeze on the moon, meaning there is no air in the moon’s atmosphere. That means there is absolutely no wind whatsoever. An additional idea believed by conspirators is that there is not one star visible in any of the photographs or films. The theory states that you should be able to see the stars because you can see them from Earth. The photographs were not the best quality back in the 1960’s, but there should still be some trace of a star right? Both of these ideas are going to be debunked along with many more (Fox

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