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  • Counter Terrorism Case Study

    Their use of statecraft is entirely contingent on their ability to exist within a seam, maintain anonymity and remain mobile. For the state to defeat ISIS they must strategically identify their use of the vulnerable dimensions and collaboratively work to close them. This works to exhaust the options of ISIS to employ strategy while increasing the effectiveness of counter-terror operations (bremmer 259). States do this by utilizing statecraft beyond the traditional application to adjust to the asymmetry of power. Counter Terrorism is state action used to “ inhibit terrorist attacks or curtail their consequences” (Sandler 78). The success of these operations relies on a cohesive exertion of power by the international community. Unilateral responses to terror often work against global welfare and strengthen the non state actor (Sandler 76). Unified mutual deterrence of terror stands to be the most effective way to eliminate ISIS (SU 31). Traditionally states are hesitant to work together towards an issue that does not directly affect their population. Due to ISIS larger circle of targets, it is expected that more states would be willing to engage in the prisoner 's dilemma and eliminate…

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  • Counter Terrorism Strategy Analysis

    strategies to counter state sponsored terrorism. It is based upon Former President George W. Bush Doctrine. When he addressed the National Security Strategy in October 2002 to the nation, he made it clear that, “ America will hold to account nations that are compromised by terror, including those who harbor terrorist because the allies of terror are the enemies of the civilization. In this essay we will look at current strategies being used to repel possible terrorist attack, furthermore, we…

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  • Case Study: Counter Terrorism Strategy

    Counter terrorism strategy against the ISIS/ISIL, I like make some recommendation that can prevent our society from the further destruction. In this typical issue, the U.S. strategy should focus on collective action, basically with nation states, peace leaders, multi-national organizations, and the United Nations. First, we should realize the fact that how ISIS has emerged. People joined the group because they were unhappy with the U.S. intervention in Iraq. They felt themselves as politically…

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  • Revolutionary And Counter Revolutionary Terrorism In Uruguay's Tupamaros

    Chapter 10 can be summarized by explaining and defining revolutionary and counter revolutionary terrorism. Revolutionary terrorism was the rise of anti-colonialism. The main challenge was to take the power from the state to establish social and political change. They used different strategies in the form of internal warfare of revolution. Next, is looking at how to model revolutionary terrorism when it comes to Uruguay’s Tupamaros. The revolutionaries came about during the 1960’s. The Tupamaros…

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  • Counter-Terrorism And Environmental Problems In The United States

    who have dissimilar interests. Historically, states have fought each other to fight over territories, lootable and natural resources, different ideologies, technologies, and, economic and social issues. However, states had come together and solved these problems through cooperating with each other over the years. For example, nations resolved the problem of territories and borders through wars, and they eventually signed agreements. Nowadays, a new global issue such as terrorism is becoming more…

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  • The Taliban And Counter-Terrorism

    the Taliban and their relation to religion, will be analyzed. It is important to study and understand different terror groups, especially the larger ones who have had significant impact. The study is important to be able to better understand and embrace counter-terrorism, as well as analyze the ideologies and mind-sets of extremist persons. Background The Taliban consists of mostly Sunni…

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  • Counter Terrorism Task Force Observation Report

    Motivation This lab demonstrated the intricacies of group structure. In Counter Terrorism Task Force, the main objective was to use sets of clues to narrow down several suspects until there is one clear suspect. As a member of group 9, the outcome of the lab was a failed identification of the guilty suspect and a four way tie for second to longest time to respond out of teams that failed the lab. The results of the lab were not ideal because there wasn’t an ideal group structure, nor was…

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  • Traditional Policing Model

    York and Washington was the catalyst that brought about radical changes to traditional and community models of counter terrorism policing both internationally and within Australia. In recent years following these attacks and other similar events such as the London bombing, have brought counter terrorist measures to the forefront of policy decisions within Australia and abroad (Belasco 2010). The United Nations defines terrorism as ‘the act of violence that targets civilians in the pursuit of…

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  • Terrorism In The Hurt Locker, Rendition And Zero Dark Thirty

    Terrorism plays an integral role in the plots of The Hurt Locker, Rendition and Zero Dark Thirty. While each film uniquely centers on counter-terrorism protagonists, the films guard against painting with too broad of strokes by courageously puncturing the traditional good versus evil narrative commonly employed whenever terrorism is discussed. The three films, without explicitly deriding counter-terrorism, goes to great lengths to expose many of its pitfalls. The films are also praiseworthy for…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Four Paradigms Used In An American Counterterrorism Strategy

    American Counterterrorism Strategy Is terrorism a problem in the United States? What strategy does the United States use to combat terrorism? What are some of the paradigms used in an American counterterrorism strategy? How does international terrorism affect American counterterrorism strategy? What events in our countries past affect what techniques we use today? What is the future going to hold for the United States and is homegrown terrorist going to play a more significant role in the United…

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