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  • Slavery In Escambia County

    plague the society of the growing country. Numerous areas of Florida including Escambia County began enacting certain laws and city codes which restricted the movement of African Americans as well as limited their societal freedoms. The impact leveled by the implementation of these restrictions against free blacks and mulattos was very widely publicized and criticize throughout Escambia county. The Florida Historic Quarterly discussed the direct affects of the legal…

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  • Poverty In Chester County

    Although Chester County may be the highest income county in Pennsylvania and ranked the 21st highest in the nation; we still suffer greatly from food insecure families and insufficient means to live by.1 In just this county alone we are seeing an assortment in our annual income from 63% of Coatesville residents earning less than $50,000 a year, to Charlestown, where over 90% of their residents are earning over $50,000 a year. With a population of nearly five-hundred-thousand individuals, nearly…

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  • Osage County History

    The Local History of Osage County circa 1867 Thesis statement: Settlers came to Osage County in Missouri for the prosperous land resources of trees, hunting, rivers and hills; and to establish a community based on strong roots. Part I: Facts of population and the county itself Osage County is in Central Missouri. The county came into existence after having been detached from a part of Gasconade County. In 1855, the bottom part of Osage County was given to form the top half of the new…

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  • Seminole County: A Case Study

    For the first goal, the county envisions that through their programs and projects, the emphasis would be for the safety and security of the concerned group by providing sufficient support and network to promote physical emotional and educational needs. For instance, monitor school delinquencies, binge drinking, substance abuse and alcohol. The county also has increased its attention to the readiness of younger children for school as well as increase FCAT scores, this has been strongly enforced…

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  • Kent County History Essay

    Simply put, history, regardless of the specificity, is the study of why and how things happen and the Historical Society of Kent County has dedicated nearly eight decades to the preservation of this concept. The non-profit’s headquarters is located at 301 High Street –a noteworthy building, in a respectable town, part of Maryland’s idiosyncratic eastern shore. 301 High Street, otherwise known as the Bordley House, is where one can learn about the unparalleled life of Kent County. Although Kent…

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  • The Importance Of Transportation In Alameda County

    Alameda County resides in the East Bay of California and is the fourth most racially diverse county in the United States (Narula, 2014). It comprises of 14 suburban cities and several unincorporated communities with an overall population of 1,610,921 and more than 12% are seniors aged 65 and older (175,320). Geographic isolation between some cities and an ever aging population makes public transportation a concern for the county and it’s stakeholders, especially in regard to the seniors and…

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  • Howard County Watersheds

    Howard County to evaluate the overall ecological status of the region. Howard County has a variety of…

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  • Trousdale County Civil War Analysis

    Trousdale is located in the town of Hartsville, which is the county’s only city. According to the Trousdale County website, the original settlers in Hartsville, Tennessee were Charles Donoho, Sarah(Brooks) Donoho, James Hart, Sarah(Hamilton) Hart, and their children. When they settled in the city each family settled beside the creek. One family settled on the east side of the stretch and the other family settled on the west side of the creek. In Trousdale County from the Tennessee…

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  • Reflection On Lupkin County Parks And Rec

    Introduction Lumpkin County Parks and Rec was an experience I will never forget. As a future educator, it showed me how to treat children and how not to treat them. The program that I attended was only during the summer and was open from seven in the morning to six in the afternoon. There were around three to four college-aged counselors at a time looking after the children. None of the counselors were 4ducation majors, so they were not learning the different techniques of disciplining and…

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  • Workforce Development Case Study: Hernando County

    Hernando County is a county in the United State of America, located in Florida. According to the U.S. Census Bureau taken in 2010, the population of the county was 172,775 and is estimated to be at 178,439 in 2015 (United State Census Bureau). Hernando County is located in the workforce development area number 16, which also includes Pasco County. The population of Pasco County for 2015 is 497,909 (United States Census Bureau). Workforce development area provides information on the counties’…

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