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  • Silence The Court Is In Session Analysis

    The Court is in Session’ is a satire against the rigid tradition, customs, orthodoxy and the social ills of the middle class society. The play also deals with the traditional and backward culture of narrow minded Indian. It is an attempt of Vijay Tendulkar to criticize the social ills and follies that prevail in our society. Tendulkar represents a societal reformation through the play ‘Silence! The Court is in Session’. While a couple commits adultery, it means both the male and female partner are equally responsible. But in the conventional Indian society, only woman is held responsible. Here, Tendulkar tries to represent the ugly aspect of the society and the gender discrimination of the male dominated Indian society through the character of Miss Leela Benare. ‘Silence! The Court is in Session’ displays a concern for the pathetic position of women in the male dominated Indian World. Varun Gulati rightly…

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  • Analysis Of Silence The Court Is In Session

    Silence: The court is in session is written one of the finest works which represents our Indian Patriarchal society. This work was a rebel against the established values of fundamentally orthodox Indian society. This drama also represents the metaphorical trial between humanists and anti-humanists. And it has been one of the controversial topics which inequality in the society, it also tells us that we human beings are part of the society’s court in some part of our life. The title of the play…

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  • The Relationship Between Civil Law And Criminal Law

    go to court . The contract can become void or continue; if consensus in idem wasn’t or was found. This has to be between…

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  • Scottish Legal Aid Research Paper

    The first major change to be implemented was the introduction of formal legal aid applications to the sheriff’s court and the Court of Session (Scottish Legal Aid Board, 2016). Previously, legal aid was only offered in the sheriff’s court. The new application process was handled by a legal committee who decided whether there was a legal basis for a case. Afterwards, the National Assistance Board decided whether the applicants met the financial qualifications for legal aid (Scottish Legal Aid…

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  • Explain The Final Stages Of A Group

    members in turn develop a report with the leader that they reciprocate this behavior which prompts them to share their experiences. When preparing for a group, the termination process (final stage of the group) should be inclusive. It is the leader’s decision by addressing termination throughout group session or setting aside time in the last couple of sessions to wrap things up. The final stage of a group should be approached with just as much energy as forming a group. During this stage,…

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  • Appendix 1: Case Study: Housefriends Homewares

    feedback I received. When Tony was looking confused or uncertain in the lesson, I made a point of asking ‘Does that make sense?’ and ‘Do you understand that?’. By asking these questions I was able to maintain their attention and keep them fully participated in the lesson. Also when they answered ‘No it doesn’t make sense..’ I was able to adapt my teaching method to ensure they fully understood what I was talking about. I felt that this was a great way to teach and the remarks I received were…

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  • Leydi Case Study Summary

    o Elevate mood and develop healthy cognitive patterns and beliefs about self and the world that leads to alleviation of Leydi’s sense of impending doom. o Find out more about minor’s resources and strengths to access these abilities and help the minor to put them to use. o Counselor would use a scale from 1 to 10 in each session to anchor problems, measure progress and to obtain a rating from the client on where they perceive they are on the scale that day o Use Solution Focused Therapy to…

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  • Sessions Court Case Summary Of Overbey Vs. Poteat

    Overbey v Poteat The following is the Case Summary of Overbey v Poteat. In 1960, the petitioner Overbey commenced this suit in the Sessions Court of Williamson County against the respondent Poteat to recover damages to his automobile, resulting from a collision between the plaintiff's automobile and a black Angus steer owned by the defendant which was loose on the highway. There was a judgment in favor of the defendant in the Sessions Court, the Circuit Court and in the Court of Appeals…

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  • Observational Reflection On Coaching Methodology And Methods

    (ASUOI) listed in the literature by (Massey et al, 2002). In addition, to the observational assessment, any on field practical coaching methods employed by the participant’s strength and conditioning coach will be assed and evaluated in terms of their performance development effectiveness. To sum up this assessment’s analyses, concluding results from this observational opportunity will be presented in conjunction with my thoughts and final reflection on the performed session. Situational…

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  • Psychodynamic Approach Case Study

    • Problem: Ms. B states she is too shy to find new social/friendship relationships Goal: To utilize her social skills to cultivate new friendships on campus. Process: Join a culture club, choir or school organization. Therapeutic Techniques Considering there was only two sessions with Ms. B, I felt I had utilized the basic helping skills, which helped me attempt a combination of client-centered, and psychodynamic therapies into the sessions. Most of the basic skills used were active listening,…

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