Federal government of the United States

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  • The Three Branchs Of The United States Federal Government

    1A. The federal government is separated into three branches the legislative, the executive and the judicial branch, the government was created this way to safeguard from anyone individual or group having too much power and control ("Branches of Government | USAGov," n.d.). The Legislative branch is also know as Congress is made up of the Senate and the House of representatives, the responsibility of the legislative branch is to make laws. The executive branch that consists of The President, The Vice-President and The Cabinet are all responsibility for carrying out and making sure laws are being followed. Lastly there is the judicial branch, which has to job of interrupting and applying the laws. 1B. The United States federal government consists…

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  • Reflection On Checks And Balance System Of The United States Federal Government

    This unit, on the checks and balance system of the United States Federal Government, was chosen due to student interest in how the federal government works and how the powers of people in governmental positions can be checked and blocked. Therefore, I decided to create an inquiry unit that would capture and funnel this interest towards learning about the federal government holistically. However, I also wanted to engage my students critically, and have them make their own evaluative judgments…

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  • Federalism In America Essay

    of government (the national and state levels, in America's case)” (Barbour pg.77). The United States of America has a Federalist Government. The struggle between the federal and states governments has been a long standing feud. As individuals we do not like to be controlled or told what we can and can not do. Lucky for us we have laws and regulations. These laws are not only at federal levels but also at state levels and can vary in what is okay and what is not. Some things that may be…

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  • Differences Between California And The Federal Government

    How California’s Government Differs from the Federal Government Each state has its own government that govern the people living in that particular state. The State’s government makes ballot initiatives etc. to help the maintain a democracy in the state. The Federal government, on the other hand, makes laws, treaties etc. to help the nation as a whole. However, the State’s government differs a little when compared to the Federal government. The Federal government takes into account the whole…

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  • African American Reconstruction Dbq Essay

    Causes of Secession, it states that the United States federal government was pushing against the South’s legal right to uphold slavery (Doc. A). South Carolina’s secession was the beginning of the complete secession of the South. Abraham Lincoln, who was elected president, fought to both preserve the Union and abolish slavery. The Civil War swept through the United States between 1861 and 1865, ending with the surrender of the South. After the war, the Reconstruction Era took over. In the years…

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  • Compare And Contrast State Government Vs Federal Government

    debate within the United States on the division of power between the federal government and the governments within each state. Those in favor of a more powerful State government argue that this method will allow for people to be better represented. The people in favor of a stronger federal government feel as though a nation unified under one government will be more successful. These same people make the point that the United States once had a weak federal government, and it was a disaster. It…

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  • Difference Between Dual And Cooperative Federalism

    participation in decision-making. Most American citizens favor the separation of powers because it keeps the national government in check. However, there are many policies in place that conflict with national and state government powers. The Tenth Amendment provides that the powers not granted to the federal government are reserved to the states or the people; therefore, there should be more of an equal distribution of power. Since the founding of the constitution, which aimed to create a…

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  • Relationship Between State And Federal Government

    between the State and Federal governments is complex and they are broken up into many different parts. Also the State and Federal Governments have different amounts of influence over the economy and the citizens. Another thing is that the government system and relationship between the two is very complex and controversial. This paper will discuss the relationship between the State and Federal governments and the complexity of the systems of government. The roles of the Federal and State…

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  • The Commerce Clause: Early United States

    Article I, Section 8, Clause 3 or commonly referred to as the Commerce Clause focuses on Congress authority to regulate Commerce with foreign nations, other states within the United States, and Indian Tribes. The Commerce Clause has come under increased pressure throughout the course of early United States history regarding Congresses authority to restrain state actions taken for reasons of commerce and the central authority granted to federal government. Due to the nature, vast definition of…

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  • Iousa Documentary Analysis

    directors of the documentary, narrator, and along with important top government officials, focused on topics of discussion that seek to enlighten the public on the major deficits of the United States, which is made unavoidable to the audience with the presentation of omnipresent empirical observations. Indeed, the producers present a frightening truth regarding US politics of deficits and tax cuts. Inevitably, if policies don’t take into account the ballooning fiscal crisis, then appalling…

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