Educational psychology

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  • Importance Of Educational Psychology

    An area of Applied Psychology 1 that has captured my interest is the field of educational psychology. This field of study is interested with children and young adults in educational and early years’ settings (British Psychology Society (BPS), 2016). This has captured my interest as children are especially vulnerable during school years, due to a variety of reasons such as low self esteem. This could be due to learning difficulties such as dyslexia and behaviourial problems. I believe that I would find it rewarding to work with children to help them develop their own skills and abilities in regards to the obstacles shown early in their life. In this essay, I will be looking at this field of study in more detail to justify whether I could…

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  • The Importance Of Educational Psychology

    When most people think about psychology, they think about mental illness, counselors and therapy (Goodfriend, 2015). The field of psychology is large, with one of the most popular areas being educational psychology (Goodfriend, 2015). Johann Herbart is considered to be the father of educational psychology and he believed that learning was influenced by intrest in the subject and teacher (“Educational Psychology,” 2015). Educational psychology is a field that studies and applies theories and…

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  • Statement Of Purpose In Educational Psychology

    I would like to extend my sincerest thanks for taking your time to consider my candidacy for the Educational Psychology/School Psychology program at the University of Wisconsin. I have always been drawn to behavioral psychology, the phenomenon of learning, and educational processes. After discovering that I had a special talent for working with children and at-risk youth, I eagerly began my academic pursuit in elementary education. With ever-increasing learning demands, and limited time and…

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  • Quantitative Methods In Educational Psychology

    Quantitative methods used in the field of educational psychology as a design in analyzing data collections in a systematic process to describe and test relationships, as well as, examine the cause and effect of the relationship. Throughout the literature review process, most articles using quantitative research study conducted quasi-experimental research, correlational research, survey research, and evaluation research. Researchers conducting correlational designs in educational research used…

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  • Reflection Of Educational Psychology

    The study of learning social, emotional and mental process of humans though out their lives is called Educational Psychology (Blackboard Introduction, 2016). Many teachers today like myself have book sense however, there are some that lack understanding when dealing with conflicts that affect the classroom as a whole. Does this mean they are not good teachers like Hunter’s Model indicates? I think no because there are a variety of teachers that possess different characteristics and each have…

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  • Cognitive Perspective In Educational Psychology

    In the teaching profession as an Integrated Science teacher, for the past six years, I must agree that students do learn differently. As teachers we must cater to their various learning styles or we will be faced with students who gets bored or those who stare at us in bewilderment and confusion over not being able to understand the lesson. If we consider this very important fact that not all our students are the same, then when planning and preparing as good teachers we will include…

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  • Importance Of Educational Paths In Psychology

    At the beginning of my sophomore year, I sought a change in my curriculum. Having attended Furman University already for one full year, I affirmed my educational plans had grown since arriving at the South Carolina university. My pursuit in psychology faced a dilemma due to my desire to fulfill my passion for something new. Transferring to Clark University allowed for my journey to begin and flourish with the conjunction of both educational paths in psychology and the study of law. When I…

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  • Educational Psychology: Chapter 6 Of Essentials Of Student Motivation

    Chapter 6 of Essentials of Educational Psychology discusses that there are internal and external factors that affect student motivation. Intrinsic (internal) factors include personal beliefs and emotions. Intrinsic motivation entails behaviors that are personally rewarding, for example a student would complete an activity because he finds the activity fun. A student participates in a game because she finds it exciting. Extrinsic (external) motivation are influences outside of the student,…

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  • Student Diversity In Educational Psychology By Robert E. Slavin

    While reading Chapter Four Student Diversity from the book Educational Psychology by Robert E. Slavin, I associated a great deal with the sub chapter Sex-Role Stereotyping and Gender Bias. This association is linked to my child hood days, motherhood, and what I have seen in my mentor classroom. As a child I always was the girl who wanted to play football and other sports with my brother and his friends. I was always told no because I was a girl and I could get hurt. This didn’t stop me from…

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  • Special Education Philosophy Essay

    I was a writer for a children’s hospital where I photographed and made short biographies for the children who had operations to generate funds for their surgeries. Before that, I previously worked as a care provider for children with special needs. Upon moving to North Carolina, I was a substitute special education teacher for students with intellectual disabilities. With my overall experiences, it became my desire to become a special education teacher. Karen’s teaching philosophy is to ensure…

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