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  • What Is The Subject Of Catilina By Henrik Ibsen

    Born on March 20, 1828, in Skien, Norway, was Henrik Ibsen. Ibsen was the oldest out of his five siblings. Ibsen’s father, Knud, was a successful merchant. His Mother, Marichen, painted, played the piano and loved to go the theater. Ibsen gather his interest in becoming an artist, just like his mother. At the age of eight Ibsen and his family moved to rundown farm, because of financial issues that brought his family to poverty. At the age of fifteen, Ibsen dropped out of school and went to work. He earned a job as an apprentice in an apothecary in Grimstad, in which he worked there for six years. In 1849 Ibsen wrote his first play, “Catilina”, modeled after one of his great influence, William Shakespeare. The following year he moved to Christiana, to prepare for university examinations. Ibsen met friends, other writers and artists. One of his friends helped him publish his first play “Catilina”, but failed to get notice. A year later, Ibsen met violinist and theater manager Ole Bull. Bull offered him a job as writer and manager for the Norwegian theater in Bergen. This experience gave Ibsen practice to become a better and exceptional writer. Despite the negative comments and opinions towards Ibsen management of the theater, he squeezed through and wrote “Love’s Comedy”. He left Norway in 1862, and settled in Italy for a while. During in Italy, he wrote “Brand”, a five-act tragedy, in 1865. In 1867, Ibsen created his masterpiece “Peer Gynt”. In 1868 he moved to Germany,…

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  • Posh And The Awakening: A Literary Analysis

    Laura Wade’s play, Posh, and, Kate Chopin’s novel, The Awakening are both about the lives of privileged people and are both written by women. Posh, a fairly recent play, is about a fictional dinning club at Oxford University, Riot Club, consisting of ten males members from upper classes. The Awakening written during the Victorian era, on the other hand, is the story of Edna Pontellier, a woman who frees herself from the husband and society’s expectations. Laura Wade’s Posh and Kate Chopin’s…

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  • Mozart's Chorale Saint-Saën And Edvard Grieg

    The first feature that ties some of these songs together is the period they were produced. Many of these composer lived during the romantic period, such as Felix Mendelssohn, Charles-Camille Saint-Saëns, and Edvard Grieg, accordingly, their music possessed the traits that defined the romantic period. As has been discussed in class, Grieg bases his “Morning Mood” on the Norwegian folk tune, creating a sense of nationalism in the process. While Mendelssohn’s “Symphony No. 5” contains a variation…

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  • Role Of Music In The Hall Of The Mountain King By Edvard Grieg

    period in general, as well as the composer Edvard Greig and his piece: In the Hall of the Mountain King. Later on this essay will be critically analysing: 1. The Romantic period and its styles of music. 2. The importance of Romanticism in the history of music 3. Discussing the Inquiry Questions (factual, debatable, conceptual concepts) 4. The introduction of the musician I have chosen and why 5. My chosen piece using specific music vocabulary (referring to YouTube presentation, and vocabulary…

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  • Mixed Media Effects On Relationships

    others. These features create relationships between the observer and between physical pieces of the work. This ability is used to manipulate the sight of the viewer. As said by Edgar Degas “Art is not what you see but what you make others see.” The intended outcome or reaction isn’t always what’s received. In many instances the improper use of mixed media can generate a unhappy emotion; an unpleasant mix. Using mixed medias in a balanced way helps to level this out, creating the feeling of joy…

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  • Vincent Van Gogh And Munch's Art: Post Impressionism

    Vincent Van Gogh and Edvard Much paintings stand the test of time. Foraging new ideologies for our society and culture. Flowing and spiraling through the abysses of Van Gogh's and Munch's minds throws their emotional thoughts into the forms of paintings. Van Gogh is a Post-Impressionist artist meaning “he was drawn to bright colors and visible, distinctive brushstrokes” (Adams 789), with this in mind, the oil painting Starry Night was born. Stemming from this period was the emotional…

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  • The Scream Essay

    Lists 3 visual elements of art and design (the "building blocks") you think Munch employed when he created The Scream. These visual elements must be chosen from those featured in Chapter 3 and the PowerPoint presentation. 1. After you list the 3 visual elements, you must then write a 300-word long thread that describes the characteristics of each element AND explains why they were chosen by Munch to createThe Scream. 2. Pay particular attention to the most obvious visual elements of The Scream.…

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  • Grieg Historie In Hans Christian Andersen's Where Words Fail, Music

    Edvard Grieg Historie From the words of Hans Christian Andersen, “Where words fail, music speaks”. Music is a universal language shared between every human on Earth. Since the beginning of time, music has been used as a form of expressing a person’s feelings. Throughout the years, music has evolved and is still currently changing. However, the sound and structure are changed through big influences in the musical world. This is how music develops a new shape and sound. For the Romantic…

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  • In The Hall Of The Mountain King Essay

    “In the Hall of the Mountain King” (Norwegian: “I Dovregubbens hall”), composed by Edvard Grieg, is a piece of orchestral music, Opus 23, originally for Henrik Ibsen’s famous play, Peer Gynt. Even though it was later separated as the final piece of Peer Gynt, Suite Suite No. 1, Op. 46, the play was first performed on February 24, 1876 in Oslo. The most recognisable element of this two and a half minute composition is that it starts very slowly and softly, then becomes faster and louder until it…

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  • Character Analysis: The Storm Sisters

    The Storm Sister is the second book in Lucinda Riley’s charm series based loosely on the mythology surrounding the famous star constellation. In this volume we met the story of Ally D’Aplièse, the sister who inherit Pa Salt, who is her adopted father, the love of the sea. In the book, Ally discovers her incomprehensible adoptive father is dead and that he left her an amulet and a letter that will help her find its origins. Though she was a great sailor and a brave woman, she ends up leaving the…

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