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  • Classroom Management Experience In The Classroom

    I believe that in order to have a successful classroom, a teacher must implement a variety of classroom management strategies to ensure that from September until June every single student gets the best education that he/she deserves. Even before the students arrive, one of the first things a teacher needs to do is make the classroom a warm, welcoming and safe place for each individual student. I want to make sure that from the first moment the students enter the classroom until the last moment before they leave that they will feel comfortable asking questions to both their peers and I. In addition, I would like my future students to feel like they can be themselves and at the same time accept their peers for who they are. When I do have…

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  • Inclusive Classroom Environment In The Classroom

    the way at the other end of camp because she knew it was closer than the one in our cabin. What she forgot was there was one right next to the dining hall. Little Ally was happy and innocent when she told me that she was going to pee but wanted to go to the closer bathroom. 4. Creating inclusive classroom environments is an important course theme. How do you interpret the term: "inclusive classroom environment" (What does it look like, feel like? What are students doing in inclusive…

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  • Flipped Classroom: A Pedagogical Theory Of A Flipped Classroom

    Flipped classrooms The flipped classroom is a pedagogical model in which the typical lecture and homework elements of a course are reversed (EDUCAUSE, 2012). Students will do their reading or watch a short video lectures before the class sessions. Hence, during lessons in classroom, more time will be spent on discussions and hands on. The notion of a flipped classroom draws on such concepts as active learning and student engagement. The value of a flipped class is in the repurposing of class…

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  • Classroom Philosophy

    From my time in ELED class, and observing in an actual classroom, I have learned much more about education than I previously knew. This semester has changed the way I think about education going into the future. Classroom layouts have changed, as well as the way teachers, students, and parents interact with each other. The behavior of students in 2016 is also different than it has been in the previous years. There are many more diverse classrooms with students who have different learning…

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  • Observation In The Classroom

    students within the classroom. When I first walk into the classroom it felt dreary due to the whole classroom having dark stained wood paneling on all walls, dark wooden tables and desks. The teacher tried to brighten up with classroom by displaying photos of the children’s family members, birthday calendar displaying all the children’s upcoming birthdays, word wall, student’s names, along with educational posters and art…

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  • Technology In Classroom

    The use of technology has increased in classrooms over the past few years. Children used to have excitement on the days where they were going to go to the computer lab in elementary schools but now there is such a demand for the use of technology in all classrooms that most are equipped with smart boards and other technological devices. The schools that are lacking funds have class sets of laptops available for use when needed that are shared through out all the teachers. If there is not a need…

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  • Classroom Experience

    My experience of visiting the Minot Air Force Base, Dakota Elementary School. The school was K-5 grade and I was allowed to observe multiple grade levels/classrooms. My first visit was to a fifth grade classroom. The classroom consisted of 19 students and the desks were in groups of four. They were doing a math lesson on the smart board on how to add decimals. The math series Dakota Elementary uses is McGraw-Hill with Common Core State Standards written in the corner of the book. When I asked…

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  • The Importance Of Classrooms

    Classrooms are one of the most important environments that people will come in contact with during their lifetimes. A classroom can easily set up a learner for success or failure. It can also affect the way the people in the classroom treat each other, either producing a friendly environment or a chaotic one. This type of environment affects all people throughout their school careers, but it can be considered the most influential on children in their first years of school attendance. It is the…

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  • The Importance Of A Classroom

    In a classroom, as a first time teacher, not only are you the teacher but also a student. As a teacher you learn your new environment and also in the beginning of a new school year, your students. Classrooms are very unpredictable places for both teachers and students but, determining reinforcements and consequences is essential also teaching them to the students and spending the time to explain the benefits of following them, is a critical time spent well for a new teacher. It saves them time…

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  • Classroom Observation

    On Thursday, December 1st, I observed Mrs. Durish who teaches high school Biology at Clarion Area High School. Clarion Area High School is a public school located in Clarion, Pennsylvania. After being taken to Mrs. Durishs’ classroom, I immediately took notice of the classroom which was a standard biology lab. The black, nonporous lab tables were in five horizontal rows, the three back rows stretching almost the width of the room and the front two rows being split down the middle to act as a…

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