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  • Classroom Management Plan In The Classroom

    individual teacher who’s just been hired to be able to walk in with a plan of what are you going to do when a kid misbehaves or what are you going to do for the kids who behave, and what are your expectations and how are you going to teach it to the kids, so to be able to walk in with that that first day kind of helps them cross the threshold of their classroom a bit more confident…” (www.iris.peabody.vanderbuilt, 2016) In a moderate to severe special education being prepared on the first day of school helps the flow of the classroom. However, as a teacher gets to know their students a little more each, they can change their classroom behavior management plan accordingly. With this being said, arranging a classroom with…

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  • Classroom Planning In A Pre-K Classroom

    Planning is essential to all classrooms; however, each classroom has different procedures, especially in a pre-k classroom. In Pre-k they are two different groups of students: morning and afternoon. Therefore, the schedules pertains to both groups, but at different times of the day. Also, in Mrs. Beaver’s classroom there is an assistant teacher; thus, emergency plans for substitutes are not needed. Additionally, pre-k students generally are unable to read; therefore, there is no objective or…

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  • Classroom Analysis

    organisation of the classroom The classroom can be managed through the physical elements of a classroom. How a teacher decides to place the furniture and learning material has a big impact on what kind of environment is in the classroom, it has to optimize learning and reduce distractions. The teacher I observed placed her desk in front of the class so that she can see all the learners and it is close to the white board. The learning material (textbooks) is placed underneath each desk so that…

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  • Flipped Classrooms

    One teaching style does not suit every student. Some students enjoy a flipped classroom, are visual learners, or are kinesthetic learners. Flipped classrooms are the most efficient and convenient way to learn. Flipped classrooms tend to match almost every student’s learning style. With a flipped classroom, students have the ability to work at their own pace, go over a concept as many times as necessary, and ask peers for help. Accordingly, a flipped classroom allows students to work on…

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  • Gamification Classroom

    A Guide to Classroom Gamification Games have become an essential part in the EL classrooms. Many teachers tend to use games either to introduce the lesson, practice a piece of grammar, revise vocabularies, or even as energizers. Hence, the term gam-ifi-cation might be confused with the use of different games inside a classroom. Gamification, as defined by Claudia Pesce, "is the use of game elements and game design techniques in non-game context” ( Claudia Pesce, para. 2, n.d) In this article, I…

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  • Technology In Classrooms

    The use of technology has increased in classrooms over the past few years. Children used to have excitement on the days where they were going to go to the computer lab in elementary schools but now there is such a demand for the use of technology in all classrooms that most are equipped with smart boards and other technological devices. The schools that are lacking funds have class sets of laptops available for use when needed that are shared through out all the teachers. If there is not a need…

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  • Therapy In The Classroom

    counselor has decided to focus on the act of this student fleeing frequently from his classroom and reducing the number of times the student has to be redirected during class periods. Because of the significant importance of this therapy, the goals will be visible during each session, so that the student observes what we are aspiring to achieve. The Counselor, will lead the student in dialogue and activities designed to navigate the student in the right direction. Upon receiving the necessary…

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  • Progressive Classroom Management

    Classroom management is an important component to any successful classroom. A well-managed classroom leads to productivity, student engagement, and decrease in negative behavior. Past classroom management involved strict rules, little exploration, and rote learning. However, a progressive movement is shaping the way that classrooms are managed all around the country. Through the comparison of William Glasser, Ellen White, and Harry Wong, this paper explores the way the progressive classroom…

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  • Managing Space In The Classroom

     N.Bennet & Blundle ( 1983) ( as cited in khine, 2001) states that, “behavior improved when learners are seated in rows”. The classroom desk arrangement aligned in rows which helps teacher to monitor the class and also everyone faces the front. As a result, it encourages students to become independent learner and it helps to reduce misbehavior.  Managing the space play very important role in effective classroom management. The classroom is arranged in a way that student and teacher could…

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  • The Importance Of Computers In The Classroom

    Students use personal devices to help take notes and keep up with class work. A popular device used in the classroom is the laptop. Students in the college level takes notes on their laptops to stay organized and to easily copy notes that are missed from other students and online. The concern is that laptops can be distracting or hinder learning. Martin Tallvid, Johan Lundin, Lars Svensson, and Berner Lindström, preformed a survey on one on one distractions with laptops in the classroom. They…

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