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  • Imitation Of Life Film Analysis

    Imitation of Life is a movie directed by John M. Stahl in 1934. Claudette Colbert plays the protagonist in the role of Beatrice “Bea” Pullman. Bea’s new found friend is Delilah Johnson, played by Louise Beavers. Together, both of these ladies create a successful business. Throughout the film we see both their daughters, Jessie and Peola, grow into beautiful women. The Imitation of Life is relevant to our class due to Bea and Delilah’s success after the Great Depression. The three literary devices best captured in Imitation of Life are the plot, characterization, and theme. The first literary device effectively used in Imitation of Life is the plot. Bea has recently lost her husband and is forced to raise her daughter, Jessie, by…

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  • Literary Techniques In Three Came Home

    Three Came Home is a movie directed by Jean Negulesco. Claudette Colbert plays the role of Agnes Keith, the loving mother and faithful wife. Her husband, Harry Keith, is played by Patrick Knowles. Together they have a son named George, played by Mark Keuning. This movie revolves around the Japanese invasion of Sandaken. Throughout the film we see the struggle and heartbreak of the family as they face many trials and tribulations. Three Came Home is relevant to our class due to our studies of the…

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  • Summary Of 'Ta Nehisi Coates' Between The World And Me

    Coates’s quote, “Journalism privileges what’s happening now over the long reasons for things happening,” giving greater insight into Coates’s initiative to inform people of the entire story, impact, and context of the historical injustice against African Americans. The author additionally questions Coates’s decreasing optimism as he releases more research. He quotes Coates’s skepticism of change, “How big-hearted can democracy be? It points to a very ugly answer: maybe not that big-hearted at…

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  • Political Satire

    Daniel O’Brien is the head writer and creative director of video for He wrote an article on his website (leading up to his book “How to Fight Presidents”) and found out the hard way that you should not google the weaknesses of a living president without expecting a visit from secret service agents who are immune to the charms of comedians. O’Brien has been with the website Cracked since 2007 or as he claims “before they were cool” (O’Brien). Comedians who read O’Brien’s article…

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  • Importance Of Broader Sources Of Knowledge

    Broader Sources of Knowledge In ancient times, people passed on survival experience to the next generation through oral method. Later, various ways such as making ropes, drawing pictures on walls, and characters emerged to record daily events. People record daily life in order to educate next generation so that the next generation of people can live a better life. With the advent of photographic film, the recording process becomes more and more lifelike and vivid. With the rapid development of…

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  • What Is Contemporary Satire

    Most television shows have accommodated to millennials’ tastes, and when it comes to humor, satirical humor that both addresses and mocks social flaws has become the demand. No longer are books or short stories reserved for political and social satire, but so are news outlets. Programs such as The Daily Show, The Colbert Report and Last Week Tonight all are platforms that consist of telling credible news in a satirical manner. Although satirical news series are not a new concept, they are…

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  • Argument Analysis: Stephen Colbert And Migrant Workers

    Argument Analysis: Stephen Colbert and Migrant Workers Stephen Colbert appeared before members of congress to discuss a new law that will affect migrant workers. Colbert’s initial idea was to stop eating fruits and vegetables. This seemed to be in humor. Later in the paper Colbert made a more serious suggestion that congress should implement this proposed law in order to provide protection for the workers. Analysis Strengths Colbert’s speech had a few strengths, one of these being attention…

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  • I Am America, And So Can You ! By Stephen Colbert

    heart” -Stephen Colbert. As ironic as this quote may seem it is another example of Stephen Colbert’s comedic style, thick satire. “I Am America (And So Can You!)” is another fantastic presentation of Colbert’s conservative capitalist character already shown on the Colbert Report. The book addresses issues that Americans face as adults and current issues facing the nation, plus a note to the future. All these issues are taken on with humor and satire so as to make big issues less intimidating…

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  • Humorists: A Satirical Analysis

    Satirical comics are published in news papers across the country every day; the Los Angeles Times, among other newspapers, publishes “Non Sequiter” by Wiley, which has satirized both religion and politics. Going beyond comics, satire can succeed in written forms where other forms of comedy struggles. Satirical books have been published by Stephen Colbert and fellow late night host Jon Stewart, and satirical novels are extremely common in the literary world. Aristophanes wrote satirical plays in…

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  • Secrets Of The Most Successful College Students Essay

    students have to take that they might not be interested in, so they are not looking to be to enjoy the class. The student is most likely seeking to get an A in the course so they don’t have to repeat the class. On the other hand, some students that go in to the class, might come out of the class with a new found interest. Being comfortable with failure is okay to an extent, not being comfortable where a student gets used to and expects to fail every time. The main point is people are not perfect…

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