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  • Own Puppeteer

    earth’s tiny spaces. What I’m describing is an anxiety related to the thoughts and visual triggers surrounding tight and suffocating places. People who constantly face these apprehensions suffer from claustrophobia or the fear of enclosed spaces. Ranging from elevators to being buried alive in coffins, people like myself have the constant fear of being in an inescapable situation. But claustrophobia isn’t just about boxes and window-less rooms, it’s about human emotion and the need for options. Claustrophobia represents a narrow hallway in which one can’t turn the other direction or control their…

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  • Dangerous Places In The Forest Setting Analysis

    De Winter retrieved Jasper had multiple aspects in the setting that set the atmosphere. When Jasper runs off from Mr. and Mrs. De Winter he runs to a boat house. The boat house itself is setting a dangerous atmosphere. Although the movie is in black and white it is clear that the boat house is made up of some dark colours. Light colours are very cheery but dark colours suggest a lot of negativity. Also it is made with very sharp defining edges. Curves can give off a peaceful safe atmosphere but…

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  • Personal Narrative On Claustrophobia

    I woke up one day and everything had changed. Upon waking and by night they were entirely different. I was twenty. An age already brimming to the top with questions, but the only one I could think of was who was she? It was 3:04 PM, when I first saw her, but it wasn’t quite like I could miss her, however, even through the crowds of people pushing against one another, she was staring straight at me, with a half-smirk that only added to the mystery. The other odd thing about her was that no one…

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  • The Dangers Of Vampires In 'The Odyssey'

    Odysseus encountered Cyclops twice in this section of the book, once with his men when he landed on an island full of them. They didn 't make any contact with them at all, though shortly after seeing the island of the Cyclops they landed on an different island that they believed was safe and possibly uninhabited. They ended up being very wrong when they discovered a cave filled with sheep, cheese, and one blood thirsty giant. Did I mention that they knew he lived in the cave and continued to…

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  • Modern Fear Ad Analysis

    Ad on Modern Fear Essay A cultural fear is a nationally or socially generally accepted fear. One of the ways these fears are presented/addressed are through the media. The media uses fear to sway, scare, convince, etc. the general public. Using horrifying visuals, the ad I chose to represent cultural fear uses fear of control or lack thereof to scare people away from smoking cigarettes. A teacher performs a dissection on an obscure creature for his class, just for the experiment to go totally…

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  • A Wish Can T Prevent Analysis

    Something a Wish Can 't Prevent There she was planted motionless for the end of another day, third day to be exact. Drugged off the massive shot of morphine, it wasn 't even voluntary, but how else do you ease her torment. Cheekbones bulged out of normal due to the hollowness off the side of her face; her lungs were brimming with cancerous liquids, which resulted in tubes running out of her meager nostrils. Her legs were enlarged and their pigment was discolored from the malnourishment of the…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Family Necklace

    I have a fear. A fear that makes my hands and legs shake with terror. My mind would go wild, imagining different types of water related deaths with monsters involved. I know I can never overcome this fear, but I am horrified of deep, dark bodies of water. Gillian, Burke, Faith, and I decided to relax at the lake in the afternoon after a long week of school. I decided to bring my homework there to do, so I wouldn’t have to go into the water. Plus, I wanted to show off a necklace that I…

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  • Analysis Of Safe By Cherylene Lee

    In the short story “Safe” by Cherylene Lee reveals the narrator’s divulgence of her experience with “true danger”. During the reading, we find that she and her brother live with fearfully careful parents while, ironically, the brother dives from great heights for a living after engulfing his body in flames. He is the narrator’s first example of peril. Paragraph six especially exemplifies the naivety of our narrator, clarifies her misunderstandings of danger, and establishes her warped…

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  • Lord Of The Flies Food And Water Analysis

    “Fear can’t hurt you anymore than a dream” (79). Nearly every boy on the island had this thought running through their mind in Lord of the Flies written by William Golding. The novel tells the tale of a group of boys crash landed on an uninhabited island working to maintain a civilized system over a few months until they are rescued. Their struggle for survival and the constant questioning of what is civilized and what is savage turns them into monsters. Their actions are driven by a constant…

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  • Lord Of The Flies Quote Analysis

    “What are we? Humans? Or Animals? Or Savages?” (William Golding). Everyone has questioned their existence every once and awhile. Humans come so far and some are still are not capable to stay sane. We need people around us, rules to keep us in shape, but when someone is pulled from all of that do they act out or will they try to keep that normalism they are so use to having. William Golding believed humans are truly messed up in the head. In the novel Lord of the Flies, Golding really shows in…

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