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  • Analysis Of William Glasser: Discipline Guided By Choice Theory

    William Glasser: Discipline Guided by Choice Theory William Glasser believes that all behavior is chosen and that all of our actions are driven by five basic needs. These needs are survival, love and belonging, power, freedom, and fun. Educators need to recognize that if a student is acting out it they are lacking one or more of these basic needs. Glasser does not believe in punishment. In place of punishment, students must state their inappropriate behavior, why it was wrong, and what they will do differently next time. In respect to a standard based classroom in 2016, Glasser’s most useful idea is that he takes into consideration why the student is acting out. The reason for the bad behavior must be found before the behavior will change.…

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  • Glasser Theory: Glasser's Theory In Classroom Management

    System of Guidance Darci Deakin Utah State University System of Guidance Glasser’s Theory William Glasser’s theory is also known as, Choice Theory. Glasser’s research was done focusing on classroom management, but it relates very well in a home environment. He believed that students should accept responsibility for their own behavior and should also be responsible for the consequences that come with their behavior. We cannot change others behavior; we can only change our own behavior…

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  • Reality Or Choice Theory

    Reality or what is also known as Choice theory is a comprehensive methodology to explaining human motivation, behavior, and perception created by Dr. William Glasser. Dr. Glasser, was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1925. Dr. Glasser was initially a chemical engineer however, he made a career change to Clinical Psychology. He then attended medical school eventually becoming psychiatrist. Glasser rejected the psychoanalytic approach of Dr. Sigmund Freud. From observations made by Dr. Glasser while…

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  • Progressive Classroom Management

    Classroom management is an important component to any successful classroom. A well-managed classroom leads to productivity, student engagement, and decrease in negative behavior. Past classroom management involved strict rules, little exploration, and rote learning. However, a progressive movement is shaping the way that classrooms are managed all around the country. Through the comparison of William Glasser, Ellen White, and Harry Wong, this paper explores the way the progressive classroom…

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  • My Personal Philosophy Of The Helping Profession

    genuine (congruent).” ("What is the Person-Centered Approach?", 2015) It is my responsibility to each client to provide them a place where they have a companion and a guide to get where they need to be. Human Nature Personalities grow and change many times throughout a person’s lifespan. I believe it is structured by each and every event within our lives. As things happen during our lifetime, good or bad, mold us into our current selves. Our motivations are driven by our desires of how we…

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  • Professional Mental Health Counselor: A Narrative Analysis

    person without permission from the clients. Now that texting is a way of communication have a writing consent for texting clients. Do not take monetary from clients or give monetarily to clients According to the ACA section Confidentiality and Privacy, section B.1b respect for privacy B1.c Respect for Confidentiality and accept gift and monetary Chapter 3, in Ethical and legal issues (Erford,2010, p.67) Theoretical Perspectives (Q4) K.W use the Reality Theory here and now approach, clients like…

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  • Death Of A Salesman Willy A Good Father Analysis

    In Death of a Salesman by, Arthur Miller, Willy has a desire to be a good father to his son were his dad was not. Willy believes that if he can instill the correct values into Biff so he can be like himself or more successful. The problem Willy is confronted with is that he cares too much as if he is trying to emulate his life in Biffs. Compared to Willy Charley takes a position of hands off while still teaching Bernard to be a good student and by working hard because it will pay dividends later…

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  • William Carlos Williams And Modernism In Short Stories

    For example, these people exist in sports, businesses, and even poetry. The American poet, William Carlos Williams (1883-1963), was one of the four major American poets or in other words, one of the big guys. Williams always loved literature; however, he went to medical school in hopes of becoming a physician. Despite his schooling, Williams still enjoyed writing. With his love of writing and physician degree, he really had a huge effect with the style, this author used. He actually had a major…

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  • Icarus Poetry Analysis

    show a message or theme of their own works. In the works “Musee des Beaux Arts,” “Landscape With the Fall of Icarus,” and “To A Friend Whose Work has Come to Triumph,” the authors use the myth of Icarus and Daedalus as this backdrop. Auden, Williams, and Sexton use the myth of Icarus as comparisons in their poems, but for different reasons. The authors, Auden, Williams, and Sexton, allude to this myth in their poems to either show Icarus’ story in its insignificance or in its triumph. In W.H.…

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  • Marianne Moore Poem Analysis

    to her grandfather's house and stay there until his death. Which was on 1894. They just moved from one relative to another until the big move to carlisle, PA. Moore graduated from Bryn Mawr College with a BA degree in biology in 1909. Following graduation, Moore studied typing at Carlisle Commercial College. And from 1911 to 1915 she was employed as a school teacher at the Carlisle Indian school. (“Poets.org”). Moore had many careers throughout her life. Her mother and her moved to New york…

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