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  • The Importance Of Self-Control

    Self-Control In Titus 1:8 it states “Rather, he must be hospitable, one who loves what is good, who is self-controlled, upright, holy and disciplined.” As stated in this verse Paul instructs Titus that managers of His household must be self- controlled. Self-control is one of the most difficult fruits of the spirit because it requires discipline, self-restraint and emotional control. One way to maintain self-control is by discipline. In order to be disciplined we must first have training. We need training to be able to think through situations and make decisions that are not based on impulse or emotions. Purposefully being conscious of how we react to certain situations and then using tools such as deep breathing and self- talk can help to…

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  • Abstinence Control Essay: The Right To Birth Control

    The Right to Birth Control To give birth whenever you choose to or to let motherhood come naturally? This question has been a sensitive topic since the introduction of birth control to women. Birth control has been around for many years, constantly changing and improving. Everyone has a different opinion on it and its use. Many believe that birth control does more harm than it does good. Though many do not agree, the access to birth control is highly important. We will see this through the…

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  • Control Slull, Enovid: The Social Impact Of Birth Control

    The first hormonal birth control pill, Enovid, was approved by the Federal Drug Administration in 1690. Hormonal contraceptives work by combining estrogen, the female sexual hormone, and progestin, a derivative of progesterone that prevents ovulation, together to inhibit ovulation and create an inhabitable cervical environment for both sperm and embryos. Therefore, oral contraceptives effectively block the fertility cycle by not allowing sperm to meet an egg or implantation of a fertilized…

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  • The Importance Of Internal Controls

    For that reason, this performance measure is crucial for internal audit as it allows the internal auditor to assess what controls are being relied upon and how accurate that control is in regards to other controls working properly. Thus, accountability is a great measure to assess how internal auditors are able to assess if internal controls are working properly and if any controls are not working properly then the auditor needs to implement better controls to have an effective control which is…

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  • Sangers And Birth Control

    was not opposed to the ideal fact of poor black women substancing a birth control pill to stop them from having children. The argument for this time was the middle class wanted them not to take the pill, The counter argument that African American women at the time questioned by the authorities were that they were afraid if the whites made them take birth control pills than they control how many kids they are having. One article reads “ Under slavery, African American women were encouraged to…

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  • The Importance Of Locus Of Control

    Locus of control is a self-evaluation that refers to the degree to which individuals characterize the influences in their lives or perceive that outcomes result from their own behaviors. Individuals who develop an internal locus of control believe that success or failure is a result of their own actions and efforts. Whereas, individuals who have an external locus of control believe that success or failure is a result of outside factors or external forces such as luck or fate. The documentary…

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  • The Importance Of Birth Control

    Women don’t just desire to take birth control; it is a necessity for many women in today 's world. Some women would consider birth control to be a life-saving medication; so, why is birth control so costly? According to an article posted on Bustle, a woman is deathly afraid that under Obama care her birth control will become unattainable due to skyrocketing prices. This particular woman does not take the contraceptive as a safeguard against pregnancy, but as a medication to remain alive. “When I…

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  • Birth Control Advantages

    The Benefits of Birth Control Birth control is available to everyone, anyone can go to the store and get a type of birth control. Except for the more complex kinds of birth control, people have to go to the doctor to get a prescription. Without birth control, many women would become pregnant at a young age when they don’t want or can’t afford a baby. Often times this can lead an to abortion, which is the killing of an innocent baby for absolutely no reason. Birth control prevents sexually…

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  • The Importance Of Birth Control

    A child that rides a bike has heard their mother say “Wear your helmet,” a seemingly endless amount of times. Why? Because, it is a preventative measure and any mother knows it is better to encourage their child to wear a helmet than to treat a head injury. Birth control is like a bicycle helmet in the sense that it is more protective and reliable than just trying to be careful, however, it is expensive and difficult for many women without health insurance to obtain. By making birth control free…

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  • The Importance Of Birth Control

    she grows into a young adult, a parent begins to contemplate ways that will solidify her future by protecting and preventing “mistakes” that we as parents made when we were the same age. The goal is to give her a fighting chance at achieving her goals without unnecessary struggles. One of many decisions would be the administration of birth control as a means of avoiding unwanted pregnancies. There have been questions regarding the use of oral contraceptives and whether consumption leads to…

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