Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide

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  • Residential School Reconciliation Analysis

    would frequently take children to schools far from their home communities as part of a strategy to alienate them from their kin and traditions. Children attending the schools were victims of corporal punishment, deplorable living conditions, rationing of food, sexual assaults, and many other crimes. The process segregated…

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  • Genocide Convention Research Paper

    Is the Genocide Convention an adequate tool to prevent future genocides? Genocide and its prevention is a critical and controversial topic from a long time. Though the word ‘genocide’ has not been used from a long time but the act of genocide is a very old phenomenon. Among the important issues genocide is one of the serious topic for international to prevent it. So, genocide convention is one of the possible and adequate tools which is created by the international to prevent the future…

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  • Genocide In Elie Wiesel's Night

    In the holocaust over 3 million jews were killed for just being themselves. Genocide is the mass murder & suffrage of millions of people within an ethnic group or social class (ex. Jews ). some may say that the holocaust isn't an example of Genocide because they would argue that the holocaust is just an “act” of genocide not necessarily committing the crime. The Holocaust should be considered an example of genocide based on the UN’s…

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  • Essay On Native American Genocide

    Notice in the quote for mass murder to be considered genocide one or more of the five key elements must take…

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  • Cambodian Genocide And The Holocaust

    preventing future genocides and world wars. Since the formation of the organization committed to the ending of mass murders, there have been numerous genocides worldwide("The Formation of the United Nations"). Although the United Nations has been successful for the most part, they have been ineffective in achieving their goal of the avoidance of another Holocaust. The Holocaust occurred between 1933 and 1945. When Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party came to power, Hitler implemented his plan of…

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  • Perincek V Switzerland Case Summary

    Cases about genocide and denial of genocide Perinçek v. Switzerland One of the most famous cases about denial of genocide is the case Perincek v. Switzerland, about what the European Court of Human Rights Grand Chamber have judgment, where firstly court determine that it is not the court’s competence to make legally binding pronouncements and issue conclusion if there were genocide in 1915 ottoman empire where suffered Armenians . The court also interprets that court do not seek genocide…

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  • Lessons From The Rwandan Genocide

    The Rwandan genocide can be considered one of the most brutal genocides in human history. In spite of contentions surrounding the term “genocide” and what it really means, the majority of the international community recognizes that what occurred in Rwanda was indeed a genocide and that humanity failed to respond when we knew Rwanda was in need. This, in part, is the basis for Lieutenant-General Roméo Dallaire’s lecture “R2P and the Syrian Conflict: Lessons Learned from Rwanda.” As the leader of…

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  • Paradox Of Genocide

    The word genocide can’t help but to strike a cord in the minds of people internationally. The connotation of the word is strong, an implicit call to action, but what if the word itself created more problems for conflict than solutions? A fatal flaw with genocide is the way the term has evolved away from being a legal definition of a crime, to a threshold of evil that can be manipulated to fit or not fit different actions. Genocide, while important, has the detrimental power to create a…

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  • Raphael Lemkin's Genocide

    The Importance of Raphael Lemkin’s Term ‘Genocide’ Genocide, popularly regarded as one of the worst crimes of humanity, is a relatively new phenomenon. The term itself had only recently been included in the modern English language since 1944, when it was coined by Polish lawyer Raphael Lemkin as a reaction to the Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust. As a relatively new concept, genocide is always in an urgent need of understanding from the public, since the masses plays an important role in both…

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  • Genocide In Darfur

    Currently, a racial based genocide is occurring in Darfur, a region in Sudan, Africa. Over 480,000 people died, which is significantly less than the Holocaust, but the genocide in Darfur is still happening, so more people could die. This genocide started 70 years after the Holocaust. The genocide in Darfur has gone from 2003 to present day, almost as long as the Holocaust, but this genocide could go on longer if not resolved. Darfuri men, women and children are all targeted by the Janjaweed, a…

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