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  • Buster Shop Case Study

    Product Strategy Buster’s emphases are on friendly service and good quality of products that fit the requirements of people in their workplace. We do not just follow what selling in super markets or franchised convenience stores. We focus on customization. The following listed are the key categories for Buster’s. A) Pre-wrapped sandwiches : Homemade sandwiches with 4 different choices of fillings : egg and ham, beef, chicken breast and assorted vegetables. These are basic pre-wrapped sandwiches. In addition, we also provide small individual packed fillings such as chess, tomato, cucumber and eggs as supplements, so customers can design and make their own sandwiches in their offices. This will satisfied customers who are looking for variety of choices but without burdening our inventory. B) Bottled/Canned beverages The most popular bottled/canned beverages are available in Buster’s which including soft drinks, coffee, tea and milk. We…

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  • Kim's Convenience Analysis

    Did you ever sacrifice your happiness for your loved ones? Did you ever give someone a second chance because you love them? Do you think someone can sacrifice their life to save their family? In the play Kim’s convenience by Ins Choi and in the memoir Thura’s diary by Thura Al-Windawi, some characters had to make sacrifices for their family, to give them a second chance to relive their life in a way they always wanted. In the memoir, Thura’s diary Thura’s father had to make to make a sacrifice…

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  • Effects Of Convenience Food

    Many people get chronic disease because of unhealthy daily food intake such as convenience foods. Convenience foods are defined as those commercial products that prepared by various processing steps using high technology equipment and safe to eat. Convenience foods are easy to find and it will decrease preparation steps and time for consumer. Generally, convenience foods are referring to canned foods, frozen foods, fast foods or mixed foods. It is one of the most popular dishes in the community…

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  • The Effects Of Convenience Diets

    Interestingly, the convenient diet was the one that costed a lot more to pull off (refer to figure 2) in order to be convenient and save a lot of trouble cleaning dishes or cooking. If I had personally take on a convenience diet, I would end up buying a lot of those microwaveable heat up meals since they are very convenient and do not require much effort in cooking or cleaning. The issue with taking on such a diet is that the environmental impact index would become very high, because it’s very…

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  • Social Media And Its Negative Effects On Society

    Because social media is a great and convenient way for people to interact with others, there will often be a heavy celebrity influence. Many celebrities, while they are famous, are not that different from normal people, in that they may have terrible grammar as well; often, they can be negligent, purposely using wrong forms of words, abbreviating unnecessary words for conveniences, and producing incoherent thoughts. When it pertains to many celebrities writing incorrectly, people often choose…

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  • The Importance Of Environmental Crisis

    Sure, I can make or purchase it fresh, but I will have to accommodate time to prepare it - or wait in some line versus conveniently purchasing bread that’s made with preservation in mind and having it ready within arm’s reach. The more I explore about bread, the more I believe my viewpoint is construed. I am probably just ill informed on how I can preserve fresh bread and believe in the importance of convenience instead of finding an alternative. This may be the issue I have to look into, as it…

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  • What Is The Convenience Of Fast Food

    It seems today that the convenience of the drive-thru sways individuals when deciding whether their food is healthy enough to eat. As times are changing and more Americans are concerned about their weight restaurants such as McDonalds’s believe that are helping in the fight against obesity by adding the calorie amounts to their menu. Many people enjoy the convenience of fast food restaurants, although just a few years back they had very little information about what was in the food they were…

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  • Is Telemedicine Right For You Analysis

    patients are able to connect with their doctors in cyberspace. In her article, “Is Telemedicine Right for You,” Bisgaard-Fratzen introduces the advantages of telemedicine heath care; economical pricing and convenience. Coinciding with Bisgaard-Fratzen’s ideas, Raymond’s article, “Pros and Cons of Getting a Second Opinion Online,” elaborates on the effects of getting an online second opinion. Though telemedicine offers promising advantages, the modern technology exhibits some downfalls.…

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  • 7 11 Case Study

    delivery groundwork. The China store continued with tradition naming the store “Silebing.” But continued to sell Slurpee’s. The Hong Kong store was founded under the “Daily Shop” placed in the MTR train station for daily commuters, later being changed into 7-Eleven store. Doors soon opened in Sweden, shortly after the Spain store arose. Now the franchise is only located in the Scandinavian area of Europe. As progress continued, the Sweden stores instituted a makeover which created…

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  • 7-Eleven Case Study

    Convenience stores have come a long way since the first one was founded in 1927. The first 7-eleven was founded in Dallas, Texas as the Southland Ice Company. It started out as “Tote’m” stores where they sold blocks of ice to the local community. One night, after a football game, the store got so busy that the employees forgot to close up the store. This is when the idea of staying open 24/7 came about. “Tote’m” then changed its name to “7-eleven” as a play on the store hours because they were…

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